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Identify your audience, structure a relationship and sell your products efficiently. Achieve your business targets with EMAILGURU’s platform for email marketing automation.

We are amongst the leading marketing companies in Singapore and we have managed to assist more than 100,000+ small companies just like yours to build up their target audience, to attract more customers and to become professionals at their own passion.

  • Promote your products with highly-effective, one-off broadcast emails such as promos and newsletters.
  • Save a lot of time and build up something beautiful with an array of more than 100ready-made templates for sign up forms and emails.


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It’s Completely Free! We offer the first 1000 emails free that will help you grow your venture!

Solutions for the Customer

Receive the assistance you need whenever you are in need of it through email from a committed team of professionals who want to help you grow.

Inclusive of All Features

Get anunlimited necessary access to all features immediately starting from the first day! Reports, segmentations, integrations and others are included! All marketing tools are available.

Educational Content

Get unlimited access to our rich video library, blog, educational guides, knowledge base, and many more. They will help you become an email marketing master.

High Deliverability

You can be sure that your emails are fully optimized to get delivered to the inbox of your target clients!

It’s quick, user-friendly and simple email marketing!

Take charge of your email marketing campaign quickly and efficiently and launch campaigns which are going to help you sell more and connect with new clients!

Become an Email Marketing Expert

Create and navigate your email marketing easily, without having to spend a fortune!

Empower your List of Emails

You can choose from numerousemail marketing templates which are ready to be used. Also, you can easily add your very own personal branding – it’s not necessary to have any serious coding skills.

After you are done, watch the people who have subscribed from your own website, Facebook page, blog posts or live events and everywhere else your target audience and clients are hanging out.

Show Your Subscribers the Reasons Your Product is Number One

You can use email marketing automation in order to send emails for welcoming as well as email courses, product release sequences and others of the kind. You can create comprehensive marketing funnels thanks to the user-friendly builder of EMAILGURU.

In order to boost your performance, you can take advantage of tags to group your subscribers. This would allow you to differentiate them depending on the actual links as well as the emails that they open. You can send the most targeted message to the most convenient person at the right time!

You will never get lost! Get in touch with our professional team and we will help you step up your email marketing game!

Create Awesomely Looking Emails which Bring Serious Results

Make sure that your subscribers never have to miss a thing thanks to one-off broadcast emails. These include product promos and newsletters. Thanks to our email marketing templates, which are mobile-ready, you can send branded and gorgeous email newsletters to everyone in your list. All you have to do is drag, drop and then edit the images until it feels perfect!

Monitor Performance and Improve it

All small businesses which want to grow share one thing in common – they are constantly looking for ways to improve!.

With comprehensive reports as well as analytics, you’d be able to keep track of engagements such as opens, clicks, complaints, bounces, sales, and others of the kind. You’d be able to use this insight to break through all the obstacles which are currently holding you back from reaching the targets you’ve set.

What is more, if you are always on the go, you can use EMAILGURU’s Stats application in order to stay updated on you scheduled emails, performance and subscriber list.

What is more, if you are always on the go, you can use EMAILGURU’s Stats application in order to stay updated on you scheduled emails, performance and subscriber list.

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