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Flutter app development is open source and revolutionary framework for developing iOS and android based apps with single code and that too in record time

The world of technology has always something new to offer to its users when it comes to advancement. The Google is undeniably the most spectacular of the search engine of all times which always comes up with innovative development. The Flutter app development is the recent offering of Google which is released in the year 2018 during the Mobile World Congress. Even in the infancy stage, it is actually the single code base SDK to which the organizations today are porting the existing of the cross-platform applications. The Google’s flutter application development SDK is actually the newly launched platform that is capable of supporting the native development for the Android and iPhone app development through the utilization of the single code structure. It is extremely robust and at the same time reactive with the widgets as well as the tools which let the development of UI with animations and also one code which works across various platforms. This newly introduced UI framework for both the iOS and Android apps facilitates the programmers to write UI code just once and then run it on both of the platforms. This expressive, highly flexible and revolutionary of the platform enables users to develop the next generation iOS and Android apps with just a single codebase.

Few of the striking features of Fluttter app development services

The robust features, ease of utilization along with the power of customization that this platform provides has led to its constantly growing user base. One of the most striking features of the Flutter framework is that it imparts the bridge to the native itself. This facilitates the app developers to do almost anything which Kotlin/Swift or Java is doing. The open source mobile app SDK is being utilized for the creation of top-quality interface on the cross platforms itself within just the time frame of 120 FPS. With the quick and easy coding, it leverages the app developers with the fastest of the coding procedure. The simplest of the procedure increases the scope of experimentation in the app features, functionality and also UI richness.

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Being a renowned Flutter mobile application development company, Entrant Technologies works with a great endeavor to develop the extremely beautiful and feature-rich apps that are created to meet the specific needs of customers. Please get in touch with our app development team and start working on the project.

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What are the advantages of
Flutter application development?
Based on a single coding
Through the utilization of this newly developed app development framework, the programmers no longer need to impart the duplicate of the codes for varied platforms. The single code is utilized for both the iOS and Android app development.
Smooth and rich user experience
This revolutionary app development architecture facilitates the developers with the faster and fluent solution for all their cross development projects.
Advantage of Dart
Since the Flutter framework is actually based on the dart language, it imparts the native performance for varied platforms and also offers quite a smooth of the animation with the load speed of just 60 FPS.
Improved user experience
The newly launched framework is available with many of the unassailable of the features which enable the developers to offer the highly smooth experience to the users of this technology.

Why choose Entrant Technologies for all Flutter app development requirements?

Our company is well known for several of its accomplishments in the area of flutter mobile app development. We have already managed to get accustomed to this new methodology of functioning and this is what makes us one of the best flutter app development providers. Our team of expert app developers assists you in crafting the smartest of the solutions for all your diverse and cross-platform developmental projects. Through the utilization of this robust framework, our app developers come up with the next generation apps for the iOS and Android platform in the record time itself. Our flutter app development solutions extend the widgets which have been specifically designed according to the material design for the android platform and also the Cupertino for the specifications of the iOS platform.

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Projects that make us proud.

Our company delivers innovative projects to customers
We impart wings to your creative imagination. Our aim is to deliver excellence in a righteous manner.
Fast and efficient requirement analysis
We try to understand the vision, persistence and also scope of your project. Our team works in close association with the clients in order to turn their customized requirements into a viable end solution.
Happy Clients
With 2500+ of successful applications and 200+ of delighted customers, our expert demonstrates signs of high-end capabilities. Our company has served many of the clients in different domains globally.
Satisfactory services
With sheer customer satisfaction, our team is profoundly dedicated to delivering the projects that strictly meet the individualized business requirements. We achieve 100% client satisfaction by providing top quality products.
Completed Projects
Our team is fully adapted to the latest industry innovations and technologies. We provide the quickest possible results within the stipulated time frame. When you share your unique ideas, we carefully listen and provide you no cost estimate usually within 24 hours time frame.
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We provide the technical flexibility as well as the development ingenuity for delivering the top class solutions. We offer varying degree of Website Development and Mobile App Development solutions which enable the clients to achieve the high-end value in the digital marketplace.

With each and every project, we have evolved too and have created the reusable of the knowledge and value for the stakeholders and also the prospects. We can deliver the best in class technology solutions to clients across diverse domains.

We utilize innovative, cutting-edge technology and global digital marketing standards to give your company the required reach and high visibility in the online world. Our team brings the most satisfactory of the outcome for your customized requirements and help you in growing your business.

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