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Entrant Technologies provides on demand online appointment app development services. Our experienced online appointment app developers create an effective user-friendly apps with advanced in-built features to easily scale your business.

Online Appointment App Development Company

Doctor Appointment Booking App Development Company
We are a Doctor Appointment Booking App Development company that transform your creative knowledge and ideas into an application that makes it easier to seek guidance related to your health. Our developers are expert in delivering the on-demand solution of application that makes it easier for people to live their life. Whether it's an appointment with the doctor or you wish to check the reports, amid national emergencies and lockdown, it is important to revive guidance on the fingertips.
We help in assisting hospital and clinical chains, along with doctors and other professionals. The complete formation of chains helps in developing an efficient application. We advise the general audience and our clients to embrace the technology as it is never too late to switch from the ordinary to revolutionary solutions. A doctor appointment application serves a better way to organize your visits and cycle of medications just with a notification on your phone.
And such application eliminates the distance between the doctor and his/her patient. A doctor is well aware of its patient's conditions. However, with no proper communication and update on medication and health conditions, a doctor is always concerned about the patient. With such a mobile application, the doctor can also keep a close watch on their patients.
How Can You Solve Each Problem In a Single Click With Online Appointment Application?
We are a well-known development company that helps in accelerating applications like an online appointment with a doctor and other experts on a secure platform. Speaking of the applications related to the medical industry, users are looking forward to a smarter way to connect with the experts as per their comfort. And thus, the market for user-friendly medical-based application is quite in demand and fact; the interest is rising rapidly.
Keep the user demand under consideration; we aim to deliver the Doctor On-Demand App Development, which is an end-product of creative solutions to our partners. We understand the sensitive data confidentiality in the healthcare industry, and thus we sustain the loyalty of our users as well as clients.
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Online Doctor Appointment Application

With vast experience in on-demand application development, we help our clients in the healthcare industry to implement the services with the fusion of the right technology. Entrant Technologies are known to fabricate application that makes patient's life not only easy but comfortable at their own time and space. Hence, whether it's booking an appointment with the doctor or a virtual visit to the clinic, Using doctor appointment application, life becomes simpler yet smarter for patients as well as the doctors.
And if you are looking forward to developing an application that can easily make doctor appointment bookings on just fingertips, you have landed to the right page.

What are The Features of Doctor Appointment App Development?

There are different panels associated with the application. The panels differ for users, doctors and admin. It is important to serve the efficient data and communication on the application. Following is the list of features that are part of the online appointment application:
Doctor Appointment App Features
Doctor Panel
Doctor panel is only visible to the registered doctors on the application. This panel helps in sorting the schedules and appointment request at the doctor's end. The panel includes the following traits:
Profile of the Doctor
Page of the Doctor
Online prescription to be filled by the doctor
Acceptance and rejection of the requested appointments
Status of the appointment
Chat as well as video call options
Edit options on scheduled appointments
Patient Panel
Patient Panel helps the patients to check their appointments and guidance from their respective doctors. Other features include:
Page of the patient
Sign up/Login options
Profile of the user
Chat options
Option for booking the appointment
EMR Options
Payment and review option
In-app tracker
Option for tracking doctor's locations
Admin Panel
Admin Panel will be facilitated by the client to customize the procedure in the right manner The features include:
Secure login
Managing bookings and appointments
Managing patient's and doctor' response
Managing the booking application and reports
How Does the Doctor Appointment Application Works?
The application works in a simpler format which is understood by every panel. From a patient to the doctor, the application serves efficient data and menu to redirect to the feature they are looking for. Following features will help in understanding how the application works for the patient as well as the doctor.

The application asks you to register first. Whether you are a patient or a doctor, that helps in assigning the panel smoothly. To serve the personalised application experience, users can create their profile with all the important information needed to access the portal and book the timely appointment.

On-Demand Doctor Appointment Mobile App Development Solutions
When it comes to the healthcare IT industry, the demand for such appointment booking applications is growing at a rapid level. As an online doctor appointment app development company, we only serve the best-in-class application to our clients in different industrial verticals who then serve the end-users with the most efficient solution possible. Mentioned below are the efficient solutions accompanied in online appointment application development:
Prescriptions in digital format
With access to digital prescriptions, doctors and patients do not have to rush to from one end to another just to get the prescription in hand.
Virtual visit of the patient to the doctor
With the built-in Virtual Reality (VR) Assistance, doctors and patients can connect through the camera with a real-time procedure.
Health Cards
Patients can store all the medical records and share it with the doctors on the digital platform. It becomes easy to access and consult.
Efficient booking services
This innovative application allows real-time availability of the doctor as well as the patient in respect to the appointment.
Under this application, doctors and other experts offer treatment and medication services to the patient in need.
What are The Benefits of This Application?
We, Entrant Technologies, integrate efficient and best industry features into mobile applications by elevating the same with best quality standards. Speaking of the benefits, our users enjoy the following benefits with On-Demand App Development:
Customized as per users' need: The application looks exactly like the way user wish to see it. We personalize the feel and touch of the application as per the choice of the user.
Contemporary UI/US Design: UI/UX design updates and changing quite frequently. With our application, we offer the best user-interface experience for the clients.
One-Time Costing: Once you spend on the development of the application, the investment results in complete return with better revenues and visibility for the client.
Quality that you deserve: We believe in NO COMPROMISE when it comes to the quality and security of the application. Our research and development team do not fail in compiling the technology with innovation and quality.
Save Time and Money: Well, the reason for developing such an application lies in utilizing the services under your comfort. And that's what we focus on: saving time and money of the users.
Our own work and coding: From Zocdoc clone script to coding different feature of the application, we source our code for the clients and do not customize it for any other client or application.
We take what is trending: In the world of mobile application, success is dependent on trending technology. We compile the innovation with the trending technical solutions for our clients.

Why Choose Entrant Technologies?

From planning your other activities just to schedule the appointment with the doctor is never easy. With modern life and a busy schedule, it is essential to innovate your lifestyle without compromising on your health. And, this is where online doctor appointment app development company plays a significant role. We understand the sentiments of the users, and mindset of the clients, which helps us improvise the app solution reviving what needed at the moment, in the hour.
We maintain the standard of a robust and reliable partner for our clients who understand every basic need of the application withstanding the expectation of the business. We offer a list of complete services that does not only serve the efficient solution to the user but revenue growth achievement for the client as well. We offer:
Easy registration
Secure Payment feature
24*7 Support to the users
On-time project delivery
Technology Used and Server Requirements
  • Laravel
  • HTML5
  • MySQL
  • Apache
  • iOS
  • Android
Browsers :
IE 9+ , Firefox 32.6+, Chrome 20.0+, Opera 30.0+, Safari 5+
Framework :
Laravel 5+
Language :
PHP 5.4+, AJAX, jQuery
Design :
HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap 3.3.7, JavaScript
Database :
MySQL 5.5+
Server :
Apache 2.4+
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