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  Posted on 15 Oct, 2022
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The casino industry has been thriving since it went online because there are a lot of new operators and the customer base is growing by the minute. Also, online casino game developer has tried their best to enrich their online offer to meet the growing demand. As a result, more online casino games are being released by a lot of game developers. The most popular online casino games offer everything from great casinos to simple payment options and promotional or welcome bonuses. Many people wondering what are the most popular online casino games around the world will find many different answers to this question depending on various factors such as online casino games and offline casino games.

Nevertheless, there are some online casino games that are very much liked all over the world. Over time the game has evolved with human society and with the advent of the Internet age, casinos and betting operators have gone online. In the digital age now that most people have a smartphone, gambling in casino games has become even more accessible and convenient, where players are also provided with all possible gaming options and facilities to meet their requirements. The online offering of casino games is now thriving and diverse, where users can find almost every casino game they used to play in a classic offline casino. Playing online casino games presents some obvious differences, but developers have devised neat solutions like real gambling experiences and video gambling experiences to make gaming as enjoyable as possible. This article will introduce you to a look at the top 5 most popular casino games in India.


Baccarat is a popular casino game that also creates huge profit margins in online casino games and it represents 9% of the table game action. Baccarat rules are quite complicated and depend strongly on the version you're playing, but when playing online the software handles the whole thing automatically, so all that's left to do is manage the bets. The game is designed in such a way that the more a player plays, the more likely they are to lose their bets and the house to win. Many online casino games typically charge a 5% commission on banker's bets whereas some online casino games will also offer side bets on the action.


Roulette is an old-friendly money-making game for casinos that represents approximately 25% of the casino table game action. Although it is essentially a game of pure chance, roulette has captured the imagination of players for centuries. This is a spinning wheel with a maximum of 38 pockets, where players place bets on the number they think the ball will land. In this game, the wheel spins in one direction and the ball spins in the other direction so if a player's prediction is correct, they win the round. Players have a variety of betting options available in roulette games including betting on the exact number on which the ball will land, whether the winning number is odd or even a range of pockets, or the color of the pocket. There are many variations of roulette games available including European Roulette, American Roulette, Double Ball Roulette, and Multi Wheel Roulette. There are also some interesting roulette game development variations that are very popular, such as Marvel Roulette, which includes an extra slot that leads to a second wheel where you can win an advanced jackpot.


Blackjack is one of the most famous casino games with playing cards representing approximately 30% of casino table game action. Different from the first two entries on our list, it requires a lot of strategies, and many people like that aspect of blackjack. Since the game is extremely popular in casinos around the world, it should come as no wonder that the online version is also a player's favorite. The adrenaline spike that an online blackjack game gives you equals something on the green table. The game itself is not much different from baccarat but blackjack can be considered a more commercial and popular version.

Various versions of the game are played with many developers offering various gaming options of this game. There are usually 5 to 7 players per table and each player is dealt two cards - up or down depending on the version while in most versions the dealer is also dealt one or two cards. Still, you should put some effort into understanding what the best blackjack strategy is because the rules of the game are straightforward but learning to play skillfully is another thing. Luckily there are plenty of charts available for blackjack online with the right strategy.

Online Slots

Slot machines are very popular games with the most straightforward games to play at online casinos and there are thousands of different slots, each with a specific set of rules and gambling options out there. Slot machines are by far the most income-generating games found in the casino. It's an intuitive game with bright colors, lights, thrilling sounds, and looking for a winning combination. In this game, the player puts his money to select his bet and after that spin the reels to wait for winning or losing. The key reason why people prefer slots is that the game is easy to play which gives them exciting gameplay and the opportunity to win big in a heartbeat if they go for one of the big advanced jackpots. Many online casino game developers give players the chance to practice on different machines for free to find out what they like best before playing with the actual bets.

Poker Game

Poker is the next golden lump for most casinos that can be played online or at a physical casino that represents approximately 21% of the casino table game action. In particular, there are some variations of online poker games where the gambling operator has no advantage if you play correctly. Generally speaking, poker is one of the most played card games, and it is probably the most famous of them all from the point of view of an arbiter. There are different versions of this game, the most famous of which is the classic five-card draw poker. It is based on standard poker in the sense that attempts are made to form the strongest five-card combination to win. Players play against each other to win money from their opponent's stake instead of the casino and the casino charges a percentage of the total pots before it is handed over to the winner.

What makes poker a favorite of players is that different from most gambling games, there is little left for luck. Poker is one of the well famous games that require ability & skill because it is possible to improve by practicing poker games over time, which is obviously a very attractive feature in a game. Skill and strategy are basic elements of the online poker game's forms and are much more important overall than general luck.

Other more popular Casino Games

  • Keno: Keno is a very fun game, its rules are very similar to the lottery. If you like numbers then Keno is the best casino game for you as this game does not require any special skills. The user must select 20 numbers between 1-80 before placing a bet, similar to bingo and lotteries. This is also a pure chance game in casino games.

  • Craps: This Craps Dice casino game is more popular in land-based casinos, you will find very few people who play it online. Before playing real money games in craps, players must understand the game techniques thoroughly.

  • Wheel of Fortune: The wheel of fortune is a classic casino game which is also known as the wheel of six (6). Usually between other complex games spinning the wheel is the more comfortable part of a wider session of play.

  • Bingo: It is a hugely popular game, with online versions of which are also very common. There is no room for strategies, only luck matters in bingo. It is a probability game drawn at random by a caller, and players mark numbers on their individual cards.


Online casino game developer is committed to making profits just like any other business. You should always play online real money casino games instead of going to the casino in person. Users have access to several reputed online casino games that are safe to use and offer fast payments. Top online casino game developer Entrant Technologies Pvt Ltd also provide tables with live dealers, offer cash bonuses when you make multiple deposits, and accept a wide range of payment methods. Take advantage of the opportunities online casino games offer to enjoy playing some of the most popular casino games of your choice. Games such as baccarat, roulette, slot machines, and poker give attractive bonuses which are the biggest income generating games at the casino.

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