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  Posted on 31 Aug, 2020
  Game Development

With the declaration of COVID-19 as a pandemic by the World Health Organization toward the beginning of March 2020 and nations going into ensuing lockdowns has changed the whole world situation in one manner or the other. 

While practically all parts of the economy everywhere on over the world have fundamentally confronted a mishap in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it has gotten a renaissance of new open doors in the field of digital space, particularly for new businesses and mobile app development companies. 

The Screen Statistics

With restrictions on development and resulting limitations on the exercises one can complete, considers have demonstrated that people have been going through more than 4.3 hours on normal on the phone since the lockdowns have been declared which is viewed as an expansion by 24% when contrasted with typical conditions. Additionally, it is assessed that over 80% of the phone minutes are spent on some app or the other. While the mobile app market is anticipated to see an astounding 38.5% development by 2021, this has thus given motivators to numerous mobile app development services to wander into additional opportunities during this pandemic. 

As a result of the significance given to restricted human contact, the new app download measurements have indicated an ascent of 22 billion for Android and 9 billion for iOS, which plainly focuses to the way that the android app development company have seen a tilt in support of themselves, as a lion's share of the people far and wide is android clients. Going beyond this tilt, there has been an equivalent flood in the digital commercial centre as consumers are getting more dependent on online platforms to oblige their essential necessities. In addition to this, so as to not get too overpowered during this emergency, people have turned to various approaches to get their carries on with far from getting every day. One such road is the platform of online gaming. 

Ludo King App As A Popular Game

While practically all the companies far and wide have been exposed to the reaction of the COVID19 flare-up, LUDO KING is one of the not many companies that got more cash-flow, since its inspection, during the lockdown than before it. It has seen a development in the number of monthly clients by 47% between the months of April and May and is developing at a day by day client pace of 30 % with more than 50 million day by day clients. 

How To Play Ludo King Game

Below is the step-by-step guide on Ludo board game through mobile:

  1. Initially, download the app from Google Play Store or iTunes.
  2. Once introduced in your and your friend's mobiles who need to play along, you should sign in as a visitor. You can connect your Facebook record to play with your Facebook friends. For playing with your neighbourhood loved ones that isn't essential. 
  3. Complete the arrangement. 
  4. To play on Facebook go to Facebook install games. Begin to play. Play solo or make a group of two by sending an invitation through Messenger or WhatsApp. 
  5. To play disconnected tap on Pass N Play. Select All Players to play independently Or tap Create Team to make a pair. 
  6. To play with companions who are not close by online, tap Play with Friends.
  7. On the opened screen pick your shading. 
  8. Next, you will discover two options: Create or Join. Tap Create to make a room and produce a code through which your companions will join. Furthermore, on the off chance that you need to join a companion's room, tap on 'Join' and enter the code produced by your companion. 
  9. After everyone joins, Tap on 'Play to Start' to start. 
  10. Tap on the dice to play your turn 
  11. Utilizing the Chat Bubble over your Avatar's head you can send messages and emoticons. Every emotion costs 10 game coins.

Features OF Ludo App

Therefore, it would only be fair if we mention some of its key features. 

1. Simple And User- Friendly Interface

Any application's interface ought to be structured dependent on the most recent examination on User Interface (UI), User Experience (UE), and should satisfy IDL guidelines. These angles empower developers to ad-lib the platform without pointless postponements. In virtual games, it is basic for the developers to guarantee a consistent client experience to the crowd. The Ludo lord is one such app. It is anything but difficult to introduce as the installation is the principal type of contact with the customers. 

On the off chance that the installation gets unwieldy, the customers are well on the way to rescue and proceed onward from the application. It has simple provisions for new updates in such a case that updates are perplexing, clients are defenceless to skirting the cycle, subsequently trading off the whole experience of the app. Besides, it needn't bother with outsider software to run. 

The application is anything but difficult to explore through which is one of the most crucial features of any app. In addition to this, it is anything but difficult to uninstall which is a noteworthy component as, without a basic evacuation measure, any software may turn into a weight. As much as developers would not need their clients to eliminate their software, the evacuation cycle is the last key impression that an app can make. 

2. Appealing Design, Graphics, And Music

The accomplishment of specific game app design is additionally subject to the remainder of its structure, designs, and music. It is the main thing that a client experiences while utilizing another application. Everything goes to squander if the underlying interaction neglects to establish a connection. The logo of the app is clear and illustrations drawing in and begin with perky music that signifies the state of mind. 

The game has different sounds for different exercises going on in the game. It has a specific sound when the dice is rolled when a player's pawn gets cut, and when a pawn is in the sheltered zone or when a player wins. Additionally, there are different sound and volume settings too that empowers the client to tune it to his/her inclination. Numerous mobile app development companies centre around this element while developing up an application. 

3. Responsive Multiple Platform Functionality

The app chips away at different platforms and has a general market in every single working framework. Numerous apps are to be grown independently for the Android Platforms and the iOS ones which make the whole cycle cost-inefficient and monotonous. Additionally, it should achieve new updates independently to the two working frameworks subsequently spending additional time, exertion, and money. Cross-platform app development services can be taken to make an app which can run on android just as iOS platform. 

Since this Ludo game development away at a comparable code for the two platforms makes it more effective. Besides, it can likewise be adjusted over different devices that help in sparing the advancement of the game and makes it simple to access by essential login in through a similar email or Facebook profile. 

4. Invite And Earn

It has the element of welcoming and winning which works for both the client and the company. The Prospect of gaining bonus prizes will boost the client to welcome his/her companions while simultaneously incrementing the brand perceivability and picture of the application through downloads. The companions who join through the connections likewise acquire some additional focuses and rewards. Accordingly, making it a success win situation for all. Since the component is imperative to consolidate, companies hire app developers who can incorporate these functionalities without any problem. 

5. Various Modes To Play From

The game has a wide array of modes to play from. 

It has an online multiplayer mode that permits one to play against irregular different players, single-player mode, a pass and play mode which permits one to play with companions on a solitary device, a play with PC mode, and furthermore a play with companions mode. The play with companions mode requires the sharing of a specific code to all the players in question, in this manner making a selective private gathering for them to play in. 

The PC mode is the client playing against the PCs, which in itself has two modes. One is the classic mode and the other is the rush mode. The rush mode makes the game edgier as one player doesn't need to hang tight for his/her opportunity to come to roll their dice, however, can continuously do so at the same time pursuing the other players' pawns and arriving at the end goal first. 

All these different modes guarantee that a player makes some great memories while being on the app, Thus making it appropriate for a wide range of occasions. Android application development companies check for both the modes in their testing stage. 

6. Numerous Themes

The game additionally has various subjects one can browse, for example, Nature, Marble, disco, treats, and so on. Each subject has a special structure and foundation and the dices changing examples as indicated by the topics. This makes the game all the more engaging and interesting. 

7. Various Languages

Clients can play the game in English as well as in numerous different regions just as international languages. Subsequently making it simpler for it to be utilized by people belonging to various languages. Development companies hire app developers who are sufficiently experienced to manage such features.

8. Live Texting

The genuine fun in any game originates from participating in playful conversation and battles. While online games restrict the chance of participating in undeniable exchanges, the live messaging highlight empowers the conversations somewhat. This makes the game all the more energizing and engrossing. In any case, in online multiplayer mode, where one plays against arbitrary people from over the world, there are only sure default messages that can be sent to the next person This is an extraordinary bonus as it spares people from undesirable maltreatments and propositions from obscure people, This makes it a more secure spot to appreciate without superfluous hindrances. 

9. Missions, Tournaments, Global Ranking, and Daily Bonuses

To keep up the interest quotient of the game, the developers have placed in different missions and competitions that are to be finished inside a specified time. The completion of missions and competitions empowers the players to open new topics and win rewards. The worldwide rankings make the game more serious with appealing prizes for the top players on the pioneer board. 

Aside from these, there is a day by day bonuses that give out free game coins each day which are required to purchase the subjects. Features, for example, turn the wheel, here and there mode allows to gain more coins on an hourly premise. This thus guarantees an everyday number of dynamic clients for the company.  

10. More Games Within The App

The game additionally puts out a bonus for its crowd and features different games, for example, Ladders and snakes and Sudoku which makes the app all the more appealing. Cross-platform app development companies think that it's more convenient to build up an app that can run on the two platforms. 

Previously mentioned is a portion of the key features of the Ludo app that has made it all the additionally fascinating. Subsequently, it isn't astonishing that it has a Google play store positioning of 4.5 stars.

Factors to Consider While Making a Clone app

In March 2020 the app had in excess of 300 million downloads and an expected $300k income. New business people normally need to pick up benefits by getting this chance to dispatch their clone apps. In any case, as clone apps of a famous app picking up progress and trust are difficult. 

The elements that have carried accomplishment to Ludo King and are to be remembered to dispatch its clone app are: 

1. App Platforms

You ought to choose if you need a native app or a cross-platform app. The development cost ranges relying upon that. Cross-platform apps are in every case more cost-viable and productive. Ludo King is accessible on Android, iOS, macOS, Windows 8, and 10 mobile. It's strongly prescribed to keep the structure and UI practically comparable for various platforms which will make it simpler to play among loved ones. 

2. Game Design And UI/UX

Planning of the interface, great designs, the position of additional items, and features are everything to draw in the clients. Picking the correct android app development company is significant. Consult with the developers to concoct a simple to-utilize clean interface without superfluous features with a decent blend of illustrations and sounds that are at a similar level or superior to Ludo King. 

In Ludo King, there are features like the chatbox, step up, winning focuses, and various modes for playing online and disconnected with a neighbourhood or Facebook companions. There are two to six multiplayer options. To allure and win the customary clients you should think of features that likewise have some uniqueness along with these likenesses.

3. Application Size

Contingent upon the features and function the code length will increment thus will the size of the application. You have to organize your decisions while considering the distinctive OS as there are little mobile screens, medium-screen tablets, and full-size PC screens.

4. The Testing

Testing is the most significant stage to go through to comprehend the response of the general population, to maintain a strategic distance from misfortune and increment the performance pace of the app. Especially as a clone app, you have to know how adequate your app is to clients.

There are various approaches for testing your app to know the functionality, convenience, security, similarity, performance, interface, and cloud testing. The companies that give the Mobile App Development Services try to check all the poor things in the testing stage only.

Cost Estimation For A Clone Ludo App

The cost of an app relies on a ton of elements for android application development and apps on different platforms.

  • Application size (whether the app is small, medium or big in size depending on the number of its key features)
  • Level of UI (either MVP, Basic, or Polished)
  • Signup options and user accounts (depends on the signup options e.g. Facebook, email, Google account, Twitter)
  • User-generated content (on the dashboard, activity feed, user profile, tags, ratings, and reviews)
  • Social engagement (providing a message box, chatbox, forums, or commenting, sharing, push to Facebook open graph option)
  • CMS integration
  • User admin pages
  • Intercom
  • Usage analytics
  • Performance monitoring
  • Multilingual support

All of these factors boil down to adjust your necessities and time to develop before estimating all the costs.

For a clone app of Ludo King having comparative features will cost approximately INR 5,00,000 or USD 6,500-10,000 for an updated or progressed level. With essential features and performance, the cost will be low. The further developed the app is, the more costly it will be.

A cloned app of Ludo King with basic features will cost around USD 5000
A cloned app of Ludo King with extra advanced features will cost around USD 15000.
The cloned app of Ludo King with few advanced features will cost around USD 10000


The Ludo King has additionally been considered a to be an increment in rush hour gridlock as it got mainstream in different nations like Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Indonesia that has comparable lockdowns going on, with 330 million downloads around the world. It proceeded to turn into the number 1 free game on android and iOS platforms outperforming Temple Run and Candy Crush. The business proprietors can get in contact with the top developers who need the clone of this app.

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