How COVID-19 Impact on the Mobile Games Market?
  Posted on 13 Jul, 2020
  Game Development

As we all realize that, the corona pandemic spread everywhere throughout the world in only a few weeks, and now it is affecting such a large number of lives out there everywhere throughout the globe. There are presently millions of confirmed cases and a huge number of deaths too in numerous countries and to slow the rate of fatalities and infection, lockdown is applied to near places that have significantly disturbed the worldwide economy. 

This is the manner by which the COVID-19 has impacted all the businesses worldwide as it includes electronics, entertainment, gaming industry, private companies, etc. Especially the latest Mobile games and gaming industry are getting affected as it has recorded a decent hike for mobile game downloads ever as it has more than 13 billion downloads over the Google Play and App store. 

In the time of this pandemic, mobile games have seen a surge in getting famous because social-removing is making people remain in their homes. Due to this, people are introducing more and more mobile games to keep themselves entertained and remaining connected with their friends. There is a huge increase in sales for renowned video games too like an honorable obligation, creature intersection, and Doom. Multiplayer mobile game development is becoming the best option for the people as they can share and play them with their friends from a safe distance. 

Some of the Essential Points to Reflect the Impact of COVID-19

Here are critical focuses to describe the detailed effect of corona pandemic on the market of Latest Mobile games, have a gander at these- 

1. Growth in Game Downloading

At the beginning of March, game downloads rose across the two stores and enhanced 24% monthly downloads to 5.1 billion, one the other hand in April, these downloads grew by 8% monthly to 5.5 billion. Because of this, India is becoming a key driver for putting in new mobile games internationally. The nation is creating 966 million downloads in April alone that is 29% up from March and 92% up over January. User spending is additionally increased in mobile games in March and the games earned an estimated $5.8 billion up to 8% from February. Revenue development likewise enhanced by 10% monthly to $6.4 billion in April. The revenue development was higher than download development in April. 

There are such a large number of effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and this lockdown on the downloads of mobile games and their revenue that will lead to stronger evolution than before and moreover. 

2. The Leading Games

The top grosser like Honor of Kings and PUBG mobile had an estimated $156 million and $225.2 million AFK arena, Monster Strike, Fate/Grand Order, Gardens capes, and coin master like Latest Mobile games are in the rundown of top performers. World's third top grosser is well known MMO Roblox with $96 million and Fortnite is additionally back on the rise. 

Here are the best 10 mobile games which are leading in terms of highest revenues worldwide- 

  • PUBG Mobile
  • Honor of Kings
  • Roblox
  • Monster Strike
  • Coin Master
  • Fate/Grand Order
  • GardensCapes
  • Candy Crush Saga
  • AFK Arena
  • Rise of Kingdoms

However, when it is about the most downloaded mobile games, save the young lady is on the top as it is generating approx. 50.2 million downloads. Playrix is likewise proved to be specifically well known in April and Gardens Capes introduces up 84% to 37.7 million downloads month over month. 

Here is the rundown of top 10 mobile games that are leading in terms of downloads worldwide- 

  • Save the Girl
  • Gardenscape
  • PUBG Mobile
  • Garena Free Fire
  • Ludo King
  • Subway Surfers
  • Brain Test
  • Brain Out
  • Go Knots 3D
  • Helical Jump

In this pandemic time, numerous huge and expected genres are attempting to keep up their positions in the market as the top download generators and top revenue makers and there has been a specific uptick for these Latest Mobile games that are helping out the people to connect people at the time of worldwide lockdown. 

3. Enhancement in Customer’s Engagement

Numerous businesses are as yet experiencing the unsettling and upsetting situation of coronavirus pandemic. Also, gaming has consistently been a means of escapism and spending time for people who are confined long to their homes. This national lockdown boycott worldwide has led to an essential increase in customer engagement with mobile games, especially in the mobile market like the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America. Mobile's accessibility and portability have solidified the dominance of the platform even further this time, incompletely because of spillover sway from internet cafes in some markets, for the most part in Asia. 

4. Enhanced Revenues

The rise in playing the Latest teen Patti Mobile games development will be beneficial to revenue for the sector of mobile gaming. There is development in direct customer spending and is likewise offset through the increasingly famous in-game advertising business model. In terms of generating revenues by App stores. Google's and Apples' duopoly on the market keeps still, however here revenue of third-party is increasing faster-

  • Game revenues from Google Play will score $27.8 billion out of 2020 and it is asserting 36.0% of the worldwide revenue. 
  • The App store of Apple will generate $38.8 billion in mobile games in 2020 and represent half of the revenue of mobile games everywhere throughout the world. 
  • The remaining $10.6 billion will be gained from outsider Android app stores. 

Final Verdict

The hike in mobile gaming business will continue to develop and cross $100 billion marks in the coming years. Emerging markets for these mobile games are the Middle East and Southeast Asia, Northern Africa, and Latin America as these will contribute to a large portion of the development. The development of new mobile games is at peak and many companies are having benefit through this.

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