How android 10 features and APIs help developers to create a more user-friendly app?
  Posted on 19 Feb, 2020
  Mobile Applications

The freshest version of Google’s operating system, Android 10 is already being launched. It was, first of all, unveiled at the annual developer conference I/O of Google, it brings an extensive range of innovative features for the android application development company.

Innovative features of android 10

Here is actually the rundown list of the most innovative features of this newest version of android.

1. 5 G network

The latest android version promises faster internet speed with the lowest latency. The new platform supports the 5G network and extends the existing of the APIs as well for assisting you in taking the benefits of these enhancements.  The user can utilize the connectivity APIs for actually determining if a particular device has a higher bandwidth connection and for checking out whether it is metered or not. Due to this, the mobile apps will impart rich and immersive experience to all the users.

2. Live Caption

The caption media will be playing automatically on all the devices, ranging from the videos, podcasts, audio messages, etc across any of the mobile applications. The ML speech models will be running right on your smartphones and there will be no audio streams that will be leaving your device. Although this feature of Live Caption is just optional for the android developers assists in expanding the audience base for the mobile apps, games by making the content much more accessible with just a single tab.

3. Dark theme

The latest version of android will be adding a system-wide dark theme. This is quite ideal for the dim light and saves battery consumption too. The user can also develop a custom dark theme or enable the system to create one from the existing theme.

4. Privacy

This is something that is the central focus of the Android 10 platform. From the stronger of the protection to innovative features designed by keeping privacy in mind, this latest platform of Android has incorporated the extensive changes for providing greater privacy. It imparts greater user control with improved system UI along with the stricter permissions as well as restrictions on what actually the data apps can utilize. 

5. Smart reply in messaging applications

In the latest version of Android, there is the smart reply feature which will now be available in various third-party messaging applications like the Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, etc. This innovative feature actually utilizes the machine learning for suggesting the three of the short replies which may suit the message which users have received. This means it will anticipate what you are actually going to communicate before you do it.  This smart reply can also anticipate the actions. 

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6. Parental control feature

The parental control feature which was already being available to the users through the family link app within Google play store will now be inbuilt into the Android 10. This is accessible within settings of digital well being. It offers the users a tactic to monitor and also manage the screen time of children by actually setting up app-specific of time limits and granting five more minutes of the bonus time as well.

7. Edge to Edge gestures

The Google Company has now come up with new gestures for the android application development service providers and also slimmed down the navigation bar itself. Apart from utilizing the 3 button features present in the navigation bar and pie’s swipe gestures, the users will not be in a position to swipe up from the screen button to go to the home and also from left to right to go back. There is no need to tap the button.

8. Project Mainline

There has been an effort to expand off the Project Treble. The Google company is working to address the issue of fragmentation in a better way that actually exists in the android platform. The project mainline will be speeding up the updates by creating many of the core components updates quite similar to the application. Instead of just waiting for the OEM to actually bundle, test and push out the software updates, the android 10 users will be in a position to update the individual of the components through Google play store.

9. Bubbles

This is the provision for the users by Google company to do multitasking in your mobile device in a much better way. It will actually remind you of the messenger chat heads of Facebook. However, the implementation of this feature in Android 10 will be system-wide. When an alert will be received from an application that utilizes the Bubbles, a small circular notification will appear on the screen to tap. In the case of the messaging app, the user would perhaps tab notification for viewing conversation thread and there is no need to launch the entire app. It has been suggested by the Google Company that the developers can utilize this feature for developing the notes, arrival times as well as calls.


The android 10 platform has brought immense transformation in this platform’s ecosystem.  This version is full of new features with a renewed and high-end focus on privacy. For the first time in the history of this platform, it doesn’t have the yummy dessert name accompanying it. Packed with tons of exciting features and transformations across the entire operating system, this newest version of android surely facilitates the android application development company to get most out of it. The Android Q is been officially known as Android 10. The visible changes in the latest version are surfaced level and the ones that are subtle will actually prove to be highly beneficial to the users of next-generation smartphones of 2020 from the foldable ones to the 5G ones.

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