How To Hire A React Native App Developer in Your Pocket Budget?
  Posted on 06 Jul, 2020
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React Native is one of the most favored mobile app development technologies for cross-platform business app development. Furthermore, the reason behind such significant adoption of this technology is its ability to assemble adaptable, budget-friendly solutions that can without much of a stretch be updated, maintained, and provide needed support.

So on the off chance that you are wondering to receive this powerful technology for your next business app task and looking to hire dedicated React Native Developer or React Native Consultants. Don't neglect to follow the recruiting tips we will examine in this article. It will help you in finding the ideal fit by your project requirements inside within budget. 

All things considered, who will be a perfect candidate for your project? The one who has all the abilities your project requires. There are a majority of React Native developers accessible in the market. It is simpler to order them into three categories according to their skill, experience, and knowledge. 

React Native Developers’ Classification Based on Skills, Experience, and Knowledge

1. Junior React Native Developer

The individuals who are recent graduates or switched their occupation to developer falls in the category of junior React Native developer. This personnel is required to have little or no involvement with the division. In any case, they should have hands-on following activities. 

1. Code in JavaScript: React Native is a platform that works on JavaScript. So a junior developer requires to know programming in JavaScript ES6 or later versions. Additionally, they should know to utilize every one of its features, existing or newly added. 

2. Work with React Native: At Least they should realize how to utilize the React Native framework, including every one of its features, APIs, and libraries. Indeed, the comprehension of essential react assumptions will be a plus for them. 

3. In-app Navigation Knowledge: A Junior developer should realize all the principle sorts of navigation implemented in an application in like manner model, push, and the sky is the limit from there. 

4. Work with Redux: Redux is one of the most convenient and powerful state management tools. Utilizing this device, it got simpler for developers to oversee states shared across components. Additionally, they can create predictable apps that can proficiently stumble into various platforms. Other than Redux, developers can utilize a few other state management tools accessible in the market. 

5. Work with troubleshooting and testing tools: Debugging and testing are some of the significant procedures of mobile app development. So a junior developer should realize how to perform troubleshooting and testing on an application. Additionally, they should have hands-on utilizing apparatuses utilized for these purposes. 

It tends to be comprehended that junior developers won't have any working experience. But, they should to have worked at pet projects to learn and practice the mentioned aptitudes. 

For your information, a junior developer would require a senior or more experienced React Native developer to tutor and mentor them all through their work.

2. Middle React Native Developer

The React Native developers who have minimum working experience of least two years fall in this category. They work freely and include finished various projects inside this time duration. Center React Native developers have developed problem-solving skills and can assume responsibility for their work. 

Skills of a middle React Native developer

1. Performance optimization: They should realize how to streamline the performance of an application utilizing different approaches. Additionally, they should have the option to introduce different ideas for the performance optimization of different kinds of apps. 

2. Work on mobile-specific features: Middle React Native developers should realize how to function with the equipment utilized in mobile phones in likewise microphones, cameras, GPS sensors, and gyroscopes. In addition to this, their implementation into an application. The nature of taking care of issues that happens while working on these components will be or more. 

3. Integration with third-party services: Middle React Native developers should to aware of the obstacles that come across while incorporating third-party services like PayPal, Facebook, Google. Additionally, they should realize how to utilize APIs of third-party services with the goal that the functionality of the application can be expanded without any problem.


4. Store data and cache information disconnected: They should know various kinds of databases and libraries so working with them got simpler. Other than this, detailed information on disconnected information storing and experience on choosing when to utilize ready-made code and when to create caching logic from scratch. 

5. Sign and convey the app: Middle React developers should know the total procedure of marking of an application including where and how to find the necessary components for the process. Along with it, the information on application development on platforms like Google Play and the App Store. 

When compared with Junior developers, Middle React Native developers don't require to have an eye on their work indeed. Since they can discover ways on the most proficient method to take care of the issues. All things considered, they can't settle on basic decisions about the application. 

3. Senior React Native Developer

Senior React Native developers are the individuals who have tremendous information and abilities in the field of react native app development than Ionic or Flutter. They have finished in any event three years of working and have successfully launched several apps. Other than this, they have involvement with taking care of groups and instructing newcomers. 

Skills set for a senior React Native developer includes

1. Develop native apps: Senior React Native developers should have a comprehension of various programming languages utilized for native app development in likewise Objective-C, Swift, Java, and Kotlin. With the goal that it got simpler for them to port existing Android and iOS apps to React Native. 

2. Integration of native libraries and frameworks: They should know how to coordinate native libraries and frameworks into React Native apps. With the goal that they can create include enhanced items. 

3. Work with CI/CD: They should know to work with continuous integration and continuous delivery. Since it helps recorded as a hard copy quality code easily of early identifying and fixing issues. Not even this, the development procedure turned out to be progressively obvious and straightforward. 

4. Propose and keep up a compelling development team workflow: A senior React Native developer should have different approaches to deal with different software development projects. Likewise, he should have the option to propose a compelling work process for a specific undertaking. Nonetheless, if any prerequisite emerges to move from the current to the new work process, he should be there to assist it's with joining during a work process transition. 

5. Research and talk about app design and share ideas accordingly: App engineering is crucial for the development of an application. A senior React Native developer stays responsible for deciding the app engineering dependent on the project’s business and specialized necessities. In the wake of choosing the app design, the app development work continues further. 

Considering your project requirements, you can without much of a stretch choose which one to choose from three different categories of mentioned React Native developers. Other than this, the accessibility of developers in your in-house group can likewise assist you with choosing the right pick.

Important Tips to Hire Dedicated React Native Developer

In the wake of choosing the hard skills required for your project, different things you have to mind before hiring a react native developer or react native consultant are as per the following. 

1. Soft skills

The qualities which characterize the personality of the up-and-comer are known as soft skills. As indicated by numerous HR directors, soft skills are far more significant than the hard skills to make the project successful. 

So what soft skills we would discover in a software engineer. Interest, supportiveness, collaboration, communication, responsibility, and critical problem-solving. 

Be that as it may, these soft skills will differ as per the competitor's status. The newcomer would be interested in and hunger for learning more. Be that as it may, a senior React Native developer will be strong-headed with skills approachability, accommodation, critical problem solving, and responsibility. 

2. Cultural fit

It implies picking a person who shares a comparable outlook and qualities as of your company. As indicated by a company that offers HR software solutions, social fit plays an exceptional job in the long term point of view when contrasted with hard skills, ability, and experience. There will be staff retention, employee engagement, improved profitability, performance, and communication inside a company. 

3. Portfolio

It is essential to check the portfolio of the developer you are going to hire for your React Native app development project. Since it features skills and information about the past project they have worked on. 

4. Feedback from clients

Don't forget to survey input or customer recommendations before choosing the candidate. Regardless of whether you are hiring a center or senior React Native, developer. The best platform to search for sayings from the past businesses and coworkers is his Linkedin profile. So experience it once to get an honest survey.

How to hire React Native Consultants or developers

There are a few different ways you can search for to hire a React Native developer or React Native consultants. 

1. Search On the Internet: The most common and simplest approach to search is doing Google "Hire dedicated React Native developer". At that point select appropriate pursuits as indicated by your project necessities. In any case, it isn't the most ideal route since the top outcomes on the Google search never show a reasonable answer. They are as indicated by the question you requested. 

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2. Research About Technology: It is critical to know about the technology, you are going to hire a person for. Essential information about the technology will assist you in talking about the features you need in your application. Likewise, you can give suggestions for the application.

3. Make Fake Inquiry: It is good to enquire about the project with different developers. Making some fake inquiries will give you an idea about the budget and how the project will proceed, etc.4

4. Choose one among shortlisted candidates: Following all the above-mentioned steps, hope you have shortlisted 5 candidates based on your project requirements. Now choose one of those going through their portfolios, reviews, and feedback from the previous clients.

5. Communication: Once you are done with the hiring process, it is good to communicate with the developer regarding your project. A healthy relationship is a must since during the development process you have to coordinate with the developer for suggestions and getting the development status. That is why communication is the key as well in mobile app development.

These are some popular platforms that are highly recommended for hiring freelance developers globally. Likewise, Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, Toptal, Guru, Nexxt, PeoplePerHour, etc.


In this blog, we have discussed almost all possible ways to hire dedicated React Native developers or React Native consultants. Everything depends on your project for React Native app development. Accordingly, you can decide to select from Junior, middle, or senior React Native developers. You can consider candidates’ soft skills, portfolios, and feedback from previous customers. Whereas to shortlist candidates you can opt the methods or post job application on the platforms mentioned here. Hope this blog will help you find the perfect fit for your React Native app development project.

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