How to Start A Profitable Online Food Ordering Business in India?
  Posted on 19 Feb, 2020
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In today’s market place every business requires technology for its growth and expansion. Otherwise, it would be difficult to achieve and sustain success. These days’ people prefer online food delivery services. Owing to the busy schedules and lack of time, they don’t want to visit their favorite restaurant and want the food to get delivered at their place. The food ordering application development company launched the food delivery app which a range of exciting features that have facilitates the businesses to stay ahead in the competitive marketplace.

A wide array of food ordering apps have mushroomed in the market

Over the years, there is a wide array of food ordering apps that have mushroomed in the country.  For the urban middle-class population, ordering food from their favorite restaurants has actually become the latest fad.  The online system delivers fresh and delicious food from the favorite restaurant to the doorstep of the consumer and in this way it is able to cater to even the most unique requirements of the consumers.  In fact, the food delivery apps have already emerged as the movers and shakers of the food industry of today and provides unlimited possibilities to the business owners for the growth and expansion.

Let’s check out the ways to start your food delivery business

This is actually the perfect time for the traditional restaurant owners to actually convert into the online food delivery business. The robust e ordering system will be helping out the owners to manage the food delivery and provide the top-class services to the customers. Through the assistance of the mobile app, entrepreneurs can start their online business. The app works on the same principles just like the Zomato or Swiggy and enables the restaurants to reach a wider group of the target audience.

1. Business models

If you want to delve deeper into the ways this industry actually operates, then you have to know about the various business models.  So before actually moving ahead by starting your e ordering business, you have to make sense out of the proposition through the analysis of the competitors.

2. Order delivery model

This is the first and foremost of the model which actually witnessed immense success and was utilized by the first generation food ordering businesses. Here the companies just acted as the facilitators for the acceptance of orders, forwarded it to the restaurants and delivered food. So it was just focussed on collecting the orders and was not much of the value-based.

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3. Integrated food ordering model

This type of business model focuses on everything from gathering orders, cooking of food to the delivery operations. The restaurants developed their own websites and mobile applications and itself responsible for the delivery of the meals to the consumers.

4. Aggregator model

This is the most successful food ordering model and works well for startups. The main focus of this type of model is on the food ordering and also the delivery aspect and meal preparation is being left to the vendor kitchens. So in this, an aggregation platform is being developed and consumers can actually browse the servicing restaurants and can place an order from the mobile app. 

Steps involved in setting out your online food ordering business

For starting your own food ordering business, you are required to have a highly innovative and creative streak, planning capabilities for differentiating yourself from competitors. You should follow an extremely structured approach and takes the assistance of the food delivery application development company to come up with the idea of setting up a highly profitable venture.

1. Develop a strategic action plan

You have to perform the competitor’s analysis and define the target consumer market. Also, finalize the business model you would like to operate.  By exploring innovative business ideas and developing the strategic action plan the entrepreneur will be in a better position to move ahead and get things started.

2. Hire a competent food ordering application development  company

Today a digital platform is a must for your food ordering business. You should hire an expert app development company which develops a robust app for providing a flawless experience to the customers. At the same time, the digital platform should be user friendly so that the consumers are able to access their favorite restaurants with just a few clicks.

3. Setting up commissioning structure

When you are looking forward to choosing the aggregate model for your business, then it is extremely crucial for you to actually define the commissioning structure with a fixed percentage as well. All the restaurants that partner with you will be paying you the fixed commission on each and every order.

4. Partnering with restaurants and brands

In this step, you have to approach the selected restaurants and brands in the region with a proposition on how the online platform that you developed can increase the revenue and provide growth opportunities. Try to bring variety in the cuisines for strengthening the proposition with target consumers.

5. Advertisement and branding

Investing in the advertisement and branding of your business is extremely crucial to gain recognition. Make your startup visible to the target consumers. For getting your business registered in the minds of consumers, you are required to invest in the detailed advertisement and promotional strategy.

A robust mobile app is actually the soul & fuel

For starting your food ordering business, you have to take the assistance of the best Food delivery application development company for creating an extremely engaging mobile app for the consumers. Without an intuitive and user-friendly online platform, no food delivery business can actually fly high. Thus it would not be wrong to say that mobile application is the fuel for the business.


Since developing the right application is not a cakewalk in the competitive world of today, it needs an extension of brainstorming. You are required to take into consideration several factors, models, features and also the cost involved for the creation of such an app. Thus it is highly recommended to start small and scale up your operations gradually.

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