How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Swiggy, Zomato?
  Posted on 19 Feb, 2020
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In today’s time, people are so much caught up in the work, they don’t get the time to cook or even visit their favorite restaurant. Working for the whole of the day makes them so lethargic and also tired that adds to the problem too. The best solution to this has been posed by the technology-friendly world- food ordering apps. The food delivery apps blend out two of the things into the single platform both the comfort and delicious food.

The entire procedure of ordering the food online is not actually restricted to one of the restaurants or cuisine and has become an instant hit among mobile users.  The fact that these apps have already become such an instant on the app play store has already presented it as an amazing business idea that is surely destined to succeed in every way.

The successful business models of Swiggy and Zomato has already led to the spike in the food delivery vertical. Relying on traditional business models, such apps give access to multiple food outlets through its online ordering app. The food delivery app development company built apps on the traditional business model and facilitates the customers to place an order in their favorite restaurant in real-time.

Market share

The food industry of today’s time is itself a validation of how comfortable dining has actually become. Within the next five years, there will be quite a massive hike to extent of 79% in the entire online food ordering market. The apps like Zomato and Swiggy have actually been at the center for assisting the customers to find their favorite restaurants, place orders and getting food delivered to the doorsteps.  Owing to the robust and innovative features, the food delivery apps have managed to meet the ever-increasing expectations of the customers.

Factors that determine cost of food ordering app development

Apart from the features of the food ordering app, there are many other crucial factors that actually determines the cost of app development.

1) App size

There are many innovative features that are added to the app. The bigger the app size, more number of features can be incorporated. However, you should not incorporate unnecessary elements and begin with a viable app.

2) Design

The app should be easy to utilize with a user-friendly interface. It will make it attractive and retain quite a good number of users. Thus it is extremely good to hire a reliable food ordering app development service provider that utilizes the advanced tools for the creation of robust app design.

3) Platform

For creating an app with a competitive edge, it is extremely crucial to develop the application which can be extensively utilized across multiple platforms. The most ideal platforms include iOS android along with windows.

Cost of app development

Looking at the cost of development, in general, app development companies charge anywhere between $200 -$300 in the US.  The companies in Europe may cost you in between $ 100 to $ 200. The price charged by the app development companies in India is at a lower side in between $20 to $100.  The time duration which is needed for carrying out the initiation documentation and designing work is 50 hours.


The front and also back end procedure requires a minimum 300 hours of work. The texting and also bug fixing takes considerably 100 hours.  Also with the choice of additional features along with the platform, the price may vary accordingly. It is extremely crucial to hire the top-class food ordering app development services provider who can develop the customized application within your budget.


The food ordering apps have already transformed the world today.  Today most of the eateries are utilizing such applications for serving their customers well. It imparts high-end flexibility as well as the comfort to the end-users.  The customers can easily make the choice of the favorite food items. Thus hiring a good food ordering app development company and making an investment in ordering app is quite a worthy idea. The top food ordering app development service provider will help your business reach at its peak and give you a competitive edge.

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