Key Features and Cost of Developing Food Delivery Apps like Doordash
  Posted on 29 Sep, 2020
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Requesting food by means of online delivery apps has become the new pattern as the users need to sit idle, yet simply put in the request in the wake of reviewing their preferred menu of the eateries and get it conveyed at their doorstep. These methods for making orders spare the users a great deal of the season of going out to purchase food and holding back to put requests and gather before they get it home with them. 

The food delivery apps like UberEats and Doordash have helped eateries by helping them in conveying their food bundles to their clients in time. Additionally, these apps are solid as one can anticipate a rapid and ideal delivery. 


Doordash is an on-request food delivery application that was established by the understudies of Stanford and named after Dashers – people who convey food and work in shifts. The company was begun with a subsidizing of $ 60 million which went on to being $ 600 million in a matter of seconds. It took the four accomplices just about a year and a half to take a shot at the business thought which occurred in Silicon Valley until they made themselves accessible for the business sectors in San Francisco. It is currently widely being utilized by retailers, restaurateurs and users' for delivery food in urban communities like Chicago, Los Angeles, Brooklyn, Boston and Washington. 

What intrigues the investors in these food delivery apps?

Since the time the food delivery apps appeared, financial specialists have been promptly placing their cash in it to show signs of improvement returns. Since these apps have topped the rest in the previous decade, one can generally make certain in putting their cash in developing one for their business also. 

Despite the fact that the food delivery industry was hard hit by the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, it returned vigorously as the nations and urban communities opened the curfews and permitting cafés to take orders from their users. This got the food delivery apps back without hesitation giving them more space than before to offer their services and create income. 

A great deal of cash has been coasted into these apps and there are numerous financial specialists who are consistently okay with putting cash and time in these apps. Thus, on the off chance that you are considering dispatching one of these apps, it is the perfect time for you to do as such as what's to come is secure and splendid. 

Business models of food delivery startup apps

Aggregator Model:

This is a customary model under which the application proprietors give a stage to the eateries in vicinity and interface them with the users. It is the outsider that gets the purchasers and dealers in contact with one another through the stage. 

Under this model, the application additionally shows the menu cards and costs of all cafés recorded on it and offer subtleties of everyone quickly. Discussing this model, we can take this case of Zomato where users take a gander at the cafés close to them and select one as per the food they like. At that point, they place orders on the application and it goes straightforwardly to the restaurants, who consequently recognize the clients' requests and start setting up their dinners to be conveyed in time. 

Platform with logistic support:

This sort of model changes from the aggregator model as it is simply implied for the delivery of the requests from the eateries to the users' locations referenced on their records. Food delivery apps like Swiggy and UberEats fall under this classification which has the correct sort of coordinations and staff to convey the food to clients. It decreases the requirement for delivery staff, vehicles and different angles for the restaurateurs. This model is generally favoured by new companies or restaurants, who would prefer not to spend a ton of sum on their new business and have an impediment of a financial plan. 

How do UberEats and Doordash make money?

All things considered, for any business or application to endeavour in the market, they should consider approaches to gain income and make benefits for future development. An application without no profits is of no utilization. So how do the food delivery apps really bring in cash? 

Take a look at the three topmost ways of earning revenue out of these:

  • Advertising: Who doesn't think about this one? Once your application picks up fame and you abide into the industry, you make certain to have a huge user base. This prompts brands and organizations from a similar industry seeing your application and offering you cash as a byproduct of some space for their image name's commercial on your application. This can likewise be known as the advertising expense as the application charges for the advancement of a brand or item. 
  • Delivery fee: This is pertinent to all food delivery apps, independent of the model. When you begin maintaining the business, you will charge the café proprietors some level of sum for every delivery, contingent on the separation between the eatery and the client. 
  • Revenue sharing: This technique for winning cash incorporates some level of income legitimately from the cafés. For instance, a food delivery application proprietor can request that the cafés give them straight 15 per cent of the income created by them in a month. 

Features to be integrated into a food delivery app

Is it true that you are anticipating developing a food delivery application, however, need to find out about the highlights that should be incorporated into the application? All things considered, no compelling reason to stress as we have you secured. 

Listed below are the essential features that should be a part of the app:

  • Join and sign in: To offer a customized understanding to the users, the application ought to be empowered with this element, permitting every user to have his different record. The enrollment cycle ought to be snappy and simple, thus ought to be incorporated with some other web-based media stages. This helps every user in having his own dashboard that shows them their requests and the historical backdrop of all exchanges made by them through the application. 
  • Search: It ought to have the hunt bar that permits the users to legitimately query for a café without having them to go to and fro. Moreover, every café ought to have the option to show their photos and menus for the accommodation of the users. 
  • Placing the order: One of the most significant highlights! When a user decides to arrange food from some café, he ought to have the option to look into that eatery's menu and submit a request legitimately through the application. This component offers a consistent encounter, helping users evade protracted calls. 
  • Checkout: Herein, the users can checkout from the request putting board and go legitimately to the instalment page. This happens simply after the request has been set and added to the cart. 
  • Payment: Make the experience advantageous by coordinating various instalment techniques, for example, the online instalment, charge/Visa instalment, eWallets and money down. It helps in making the application solid and stands apart among the group. It is additionally encouraged to coordinate other instalment choices like PayPal and MangoPay. 
  • Pop-up messages: Sending out instalment and request notices consistently put an application in a success win circumstance and is well on the way to fall in the great books of the users. In any case, in spite of it, users may likewise not need you to flood their gadgets with different notices as they may very well wind up uninstalling your application and inclining toward some other application in its place. 
  • Reviews and ratings: While a user would consistently need to peruse the experience of different users with a food delivery application, it is consistently a smart thought for these apps to permit them to rate the administration each time they profit. This additionally helps in adding some lively substance to the application. 
  • Delivery time: This element empowers the users to get a thought of how long a delivery fellow will take to convey their food. Food delivery apps are by and large GPS empowered, which tells the users where the delivery kid has reached and can help him in taking the simplest and most limited course, as opposed to covering a ton of separation pointlessly. 
  • Loyalty program: How about remunerating your users or their determination and devotion to the application? These steadfastness projects can help draw in more users who re-visitation of the application each time they gather focuses on their records. This is a major fascination for users as they make a drawn-out relationship with the application and are consistently quick to arrange their food from that very application.

One can generally consider including some serious highlights for an improved encounter. These highlights incorporate any semblance of: 

  • Emergency SOS service
  • Navigation and tracking for the delivery guys
  • History of Bookings
  • Routes options to delivery destinations.


The food industry has consistently thrived and consistently observed an upward pattern. This is the reason the food delivery apps development have consistently been in an ascent and every one of them appear to do truly well. In the event that you are wanting to make a food delivery application, this is the best and ideal opportunity for you to put your exertion and cash into it as you will gain admittance to the best labour and improvement group with a fantastic experience on the equivalent.

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