10 Things to Consider Before Website Designing and Developing
  Posted on 19 Feb, 2020
  Web Applications

There are certain essential things that you have to keep in mind while working on the website of your business

Creating your company’s website can actually be a daunting process. But thanks to the technology as well as innovative, the technical aspect of website development has become easy now. Do you first need to be quite clear about what your business actually stands for? Then you can move forward deciding upon how you can communicate about it in the best possible manner. There are certain essential things that you have to keep in mind while working on the website of your business. Keeping the below-mentioned points, you should be able to develop a good looking site that not only meets your custom needs but also goes above the expectations of the consumers.

List of top ten things that you should consider before making the move to set up your company’s website

1. Choice of domain & Host

You can come up with the best of the website but when the site’s address is actually a jumbled mess of letters as well as symbols, it won’t stay in people’s mind. Choose an address that is memorable and also simple to enter. Another of the point to consider is the age of the domain. Purchasing the domain name which is older comes up with some of the SEO benefits. But when you buy an older domain name that possesses the pre-existing of the traffic then it will boost the SERP ranking within a short period of time.

2. Backend services

It is almost impossible to develop the site without a sort of the functional program which takes care of the backend. Without the robust backend of your website, you would not be able to amaze the guests which are required in today’s competitive world.

3. Robust design

This is also one of the most crucial things during the process of site designing and development which is the creation of an appealing and clean design. The website design should be attractive, easy to read and also appealing.

4. Color schemes

The color scheme is also a crucial factor since varied colors have the high-end ability to evoke the emotions. So when it comes to the choice of the colors, it is vital to consider the organization’s niche, target audience, branding along with consideration of each and every element of the color theory.

5. Branding

This is most essential for all types of businesses these days. It is the design and also the placement of the brand logo which leads to a significant contribution to the audience’s opinion. Attractive and professional logo catches the high-end attention of the audience and imparts a unique voice to the brand.

6. User friendliness

This is extremely relevant to develop the framework which is easy to use and customer-centric. The usability of the site can actually be increased through the display of the information in a concise and also clear manner. Make sure that your site possesses all the features which consumers want and it is easily accessible.

7. Plan of action

For designing and development of the website, you should always carve out the plan first of all. The perfect plan should be set in the direction of your goals and established in the manner in which you are going to achieve it.

8. Navigation

The experience of the visitors is another crucial factor which is required to be considered at the time of the designing of the site. The website should offer easy navigation. Also, the sitemaps make it quite easy for driving through the site. It is also one of the suggested ways for making the site crawling easy for the search engine too.

9. Multiple browser compatibility

Since the users today are utilizing quite a broad category of the browsers like the Mozilla Firefox, chrome, opera, safari, etc. So while developing the site, you have to make sure that the needs of the users are satisfied when they try to load your website via their browsers.

10. Performance & Speed

The website should have the fast load page speed as it amplifies the engagement of the visitors. With the help of this, the audience retention would be enhanced and it would boost the sales. In fact, a single second delay in the page load decreases the rate of customer satisfaction to the extent of 16%.

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