Which is Best E-Commerce Platform for Your Online Store?
  Posted on 19 Feb, 2020
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The quest to discover best in class e-commerce platform has long been out there

The experts invested real hours to test and examine each of the e-commerce platforms in an effort to determine the best e-commerce portal in the market. There are many leading E-commerce website development platforms like Magento, PrestaShop, Woocommerce, Open Cart, etc that have scored the highest grades in this regard. The features that these platforms possess not only help in designing an online store but make the entire process easy and also enjoyable.

What makes few eCommerce platforms score top grades among the list of various e-commerce platforms?

Let’s check out the features of the leading eCommerce platform which serve as the best solution for your business

1. Rich and flexible

It is highly flexible, feature-rich and also at the same time comprehensive e-commerce platform. In fact, it offers everything to the user which is required to run an online store. It allows everyone to sell products or services online and offers quite a professional storefront, payment solution for the acceptance of credit cards and also the POS application for powering the retail sales.

2. Customer group

Do you want to segment your customers based on the characteristics like purchase activity, location, account status, and more things? With the help of this feature, you can actually do it. You can segment customer groups on the basis of the customer’s spending and can do the promotion accordingly.

3. Quick hide

When the store owner started the entrepreneurial journey while still doing the job then he can hide the store as well. If he is working on the admin of the eCommerce system, then he is required to type BOSS and it will mask the store and prevent the onlookers from seeing it.

4. Two-step authentication

Keeping the online store safe and secure is extremely vital. This is the reason why the two-step authentification is an amazing feature of some of the leading e-commerce platforms. Through the assistance of the two-step authentication, it will actually keep the bad guys out. Once it is enabled you are required to provide your account password along with the single-use authorization code which is being generated by your mobile app or SMS text message.

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5. Launch collection with future publication

When you want to publish your products, blog posts, etc then the future publication feature allows you to hide the parts of the online store until the specific date as well as time. The online store will be able to publish the content at the dates as well as at times that you actually want to specify.

6. Customization

The businesses can actually customize the design of e-commerce stores without any sort of constraints. They can create an amazing buying experience for the customers on almost all varieties of the devices. The businesses are imparted with full access for testing and tweaking all parts of the website/app which include checkout as well.

The robust e-commerce platform is feature rich, user appealing, search engine friendly with extremely appealing visual interface

The e-commerce software that Entrant Technologies company sells is the perfect solution for companies that want to gain a digital presence. The product delivers a high level of performance, scalability which is required for the mall and medium-sized online stores. The businesses can enjoy the hassle-free operations, track sales, develop connections with users and can carry out the data analysis too for improving their performance. The robust e-commerce platform is feature rich, user appealing, search engine friendly with an extremely appealing visual interface.

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