Why you should go for Laravel Framework for web development?
  Posted on 08 Apr, 2020
  Web Applications
Web development is an extremely vital process for any type of business. It is the right of an appropriate web development framework that makes the differences in its functionality as well as the quality of an application.   The choice of framework for web development depends upon many factors. So today whenever we think about the choice of appropriate framework the first name that actually pops up in the mind of developers in Laravel.  It has emerged as one of the extremely good options for organizations today.  The Laravel just like others has its own pros and cons.

Today Laravel has become extremely popular due to the enormous features that actually make the web development process simpler, expressive and faster. There are many different reasons that make companies ready to go ahead with this particular framework for designing, building and catering their custom business requirements. 

Reasons why developers should go for Laravel web development?

There are many legitimate reasons that are listed below for proving why developers should go for the Laravel web development?

1. Faster time to market
Well, this particular framework actually works on a modular basis. This means that with this particular of Laravel, there are many pre-built functions along with structures that actually simply rely on the latest of PHP principles for developing responsive web apps in an efficient time period. Since it is the open-source framework, the developers are in the position to improve such resources since the launch of Laravel in the year 2011. Well for the purpose of speeding up the developmental process and making the framework quick & intuitive, now there is no requirement to speed long hours in just writing individual lines of codes. This is going to save the tremendous times, efforts and money of the web application development organization.

2. Superior authentication & authorization
This particular framework makes it highly convenient and also easy for implementing the comprehensive authentication system. In this particular set up, you have to simply log in, register and reset the password. You will surely be surprised to witness that this Laravel framework does all this through a single command. It is just the simplest tactics for the organization of logic and controlling access to the resources.

3. Conventional approach
This framework simply focuses on conventional rather than configuration approach. This means that when you simply follow the naming conventions for various components, then there is hardly any need to focus on its configuration. So when you will be following the naming convention then Laravel on its own will take care of many low-level details. Each and everything starts working on its own. So when you are having a PHP programming background, this may seem to you quite overwhelming at the start. But when you get used to it, there is an assurance that you would not like to go back ever again.

4. Artisan commands
Well, artisan commands are one of the highly elegant and also quite useful of the feature that is being offered by Laravel. This is actually the command-line interface for the framework and assists the developers in automating various tasks. This command is utilized within the app. However, professionals can also develop additional artisan applications. There are also artisan commands that are meant for various common tasks like developing models, creating controllers, database seeders, database migration and much more. It is considered as elegant as all you are required to do is to pass commands and then the Laravel will actually take care of it.

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5. Ques & Scheduler
When you develop an app there are often time-consuming tasks. These have to be deferred to a later time so that it will not create the bottleneck within the user’s procedure.  The queue service by Laravel provides quite a unified API for deferring such tasks for a later stage in the app. looking at the command scheduler feature of this framework, it is quite a perfect replacement of all those fuzzy Cron jobs. At many times there are certain specific tasks for which the developers are required to set up the feature Cron jobs. One of the perfect examples is to send out weekly newsletters to various subscribers.

6. Blade templating engine
Looking at the Blade, it is the templating engine by Laravel. It is a way to step ahead in the separation of views from the business logic. It keeps the view code extremely clean. However, the relevance of Blade would actually be much clearer when you understand it's model view controller architectural patterns and the manner in which Laravel is being implemented. It also provides you template inheritance as you can actually divide the late templates into various sections and into the view files. With the help of this particular templating engine, you can develop the smaller logic of sections that can thus be included to develop a comprehensive view.

Final words
Looking at the reasons cited above, it has become crystal clear that why the Laravel framework has already become the first choice among businesses for web development? However one of the best tactics for leveraging the advantage of the framework is through collaboration with experienced and reliable Laravel Development Company.  The built-in functionalities facilitate the professionals who work with a high level of ease. The world-class developers are here to develop the custom applications according to the unique requirements and for resolving challenges and adding value to the business. The companies can trust the team of developers who possesses the right skills and expertise as these aspects are extremely crucial to be considered while choosing the web development company.  The out of box features of this Laravel framework is highly suitable for web development in small, medium and large scale enterprises.

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