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  Posted on 06 Oct, 2022
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Online games have seen huge growth during the lockdown due to the pandemic of COVID-19 as people were not allowed to step out of their homes. Playing games is always a better way to pass the time. In this digital time, playing online games with remote players is a fascinating way for people all over the world to enjoy. Mobile users are pretty excited to play their favorite board game which allows them to play it whenever and wherever they want on their smartphone. Online board game ludo has been one of the most popular board game since our childhood, with it there are a lot of memories like small fights with siblings while playing the board game offline, but now the modification in the online game is in favor of everyone.

If someone is interested in making a gaming app similar to Ludo King, then they can approach a well-known Ludo game development company to get their work done. Entrant Technologies Pvt Ltd is one of the best ludo game web & app development company that provide the best ludo game solutions to their client at the best ludo game development cost in india. Ludo is a straightforward board game that originated in India in ancient times. Ludo is easy to learn and it is a classic game that people of different age groups love.

Ludo mobile game development is capitalized on the same and currently has 10m+ downloads on Apple Store and Google Play Store. The gaming industry is growing fast these days based on the success of ludo development, Teen Patti, Rummy Circle, etc. The wisest decision any entrepreneur can make today is to invest in the development of these game mobile apps. As the data has shown, the interest of users in board games will never dwindle as people are now addicted to mobiles and this can be a great strategic move from the companies' point of view as well.

Ludo is the most popular board game application that received an excellent response from users when it was launched on the App Store for Android and iOS. The board game offers unique UI, UX, and various modes where users can play with friends, family, and players from all over the world. Plus, these offerings add to the immense popularity of this board game.

The Current Trends in Ludo Board Game?

A board game like Ludo has been very popular for centuries but today's fast-paced life has not given everyone the time to sit with their loved ones and enjoy playing these games. Though gratitude to digitization which conveyed these games in the form of applications that can be easily played on mobile phones. Normally in the busy schedule of life people do not get much time to spend playing their childhood games but technology has brought a platform where games like Ludo King can be adapted to suit the busy lifestyle of the people. Technology has broken down all walls that allow people to connect with each other and establish a bond of love, connection, and happiness with their friends and family on this amazing game. According to a report, the size of the global board game market is poised to grow to USD 5-10 billion by the end of 2023.

Ludo game development Methods

The foremost thought that comes to the mind of every stakeholder who invests their money while developing a gaming application is how an application can make money. The various methods of generating revenue include ads Management, refer & earn, in-app purchase, and fix percentage models. In ad management, third-party ads are one of the major ways to make money. Hence the admin has to maintain a regular flow of advertisements on the application to ensure proper earnings from third-party platforms for the best ludo game development.

In Refer & Earn, in order to attract more gamers to the application, the administrator must have the facility to refer the game to other users. This marketing plan can be well executed according to the marketing model and also this activity can be stopped or started depending on the server traffic. While In-game purchases are the most commonly used strategy for making money in the application itself. Gamers can buy some credits or points to increase their in-game profile. In the fix percentage method, the administrator can set a certain percentage on each game played and later change it based on the preferences of the users. In this way, results can be generated for the money being invested.

Things to be kept in mind while developing a Ludo game

Some factors such as design, user-friendly interface, UX, a platform on which the application will be launched, and proper testing is very essential for building any game. Although for the best ludo app development you must look for a developer who provides ludo game mobile app development cost at a decent price.


Online gaming is all about providing remarkable experiences to users. The success of the game is at stake if users are not able to engage with the application design, interface, and concept. For example, if the user sees that the UI of the mobile game is user friendly also the UI is well managed with great graphics by ludo company. Furthermore, designing the perfect game involves a fair amount of time and money. Developers who have good knowledge of the gaming industry and are proficient in graphic designing should be hired to provide attractive and decent templates.


Based on the platform on which the application will be launched, the developers make the specifications and select the features. Android, iOS, Windows and React Native are the widely used platforms. Additionally, the development cost of the game application depends on the selected phase.

Testing & size

No one wants a substitute for disturbance or interference while playing the game. So mobile game developers need to test the mobile device to render a bug-free application. In addition, the gaming experience can only arise from the assurance of bug-free creation of gaming applications. The size of the application decides the features, abilities, and additional items you want to link into the gaming application. If you decide to miss out on the various components such as gaming theme, design, and other similar elements for the application, you should be set up to pay more than the normal amount.

Once the development activities are completed the actual development starts because when the programming is completed quality checking comes under this phase and activities such as maintenance and support come under this category.

Key Features of the Ludo game

Straightforward Gameplay and Easy to use Interface

The online board game Ludo provides users with an easy-to-use interface with straightforward gameplay that one can easily understand and enjoy while playing the game. The ludo game developer has to be as per the various UI rules using the latest segment.  The developer of Ludo needs to assemble a connecting and easy-to-use interface for the players, so no special abilities are required to use the application.

Various features and Modes

Online board game ludo has different modes like 1v1, 2v2, vs computer modes which are included in every game of ludo. Different modes of the Ludo games attract users to play more matches, without getting bored with the same classic mode. Ludo has multiple modes such as a private table, a multiplayer game mode for up to 8 players, a quick mode, and live tournaments. If someone wants to come to a friend's room and play, all he has to do is join the room by filing the room code. When someone has created a room, he sets an entry amount in coins, after doing so the player will get a code that the player needs to share with his friend who wants to join his room.


The ranking in the ludo game increases the player's interest to play more games to show his name on the top leaderboards. Ranking depends on various factors like how many times the user plays the game, how many coins are earned, how many tournaments are won etc. The global rankings keep changing on a real-time base to make the game more thrilling and addictive.

Daily Bonus

Whenever someone downloads the Ludo game app and registers for the first time then they get a joining bonus even after joining they will get a daily bonus for playing the game.


Now As you have realized how to develop an app like famous games. Ludo is holding a prime track to earn a massive commission by developing the game. Also, there are many ludo game apps that are popular with millions of downloads. Besides, the amazing UI and UX are particularly credible to the popularity of this board game. Ludo game development company Entrant Technologies Pvt Ltd is one such reputed Ludo game developer in India that helps customers develop creative, high-revenue generating, and promising games.

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