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  Posted on 08 Jul, 2022
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Ludo has become one of the most popular games available to play online especially after pandemic and during nationwide lockdowns. The ongoing Covid 19 and its impacts gave a boost to all the possible ways of keeping oneself busy at home. When boredom kicked in, people cherished playing the Ludo Game in India. Bringing back the flashbacks from childhood memories, the Digital Ludo Game is designed to tingle your spine to every bit. Ludo Game Development turned out really well in the gaming industry and eventually got popular in no time.

Since, the game got ample love and praise among people, developers saw a rising loyal gamers worldwide who need constant updates and thrill to stay engaged. Thus, the developers’ main focus now lies on how to improve the overall gaming experience of their users. The gaming industry overall experienced an enormous amount of change over the last 12 months. After an exciting 2021, Ludo Game is primed to go from a well-achieved fame to a next level height in upcoming years. 2022 looks to be the year when the gaming industry continues to adapt to challenges both old and new by continuously updating and innovating their whole experience.

As the gaming trends keep on shifting, Ludo will keep its users up-to-date with the upgrading and changing of features according to the usage.

The Early Ludo Game Strategy

The typical ways of Ludo once known to you are slowly getting faded away with the new and trendy ways. Since people are constantly on the move, they require something that can easily suit their lifestyle. As you are aware, the earlier features included classic playing patterns which involved a maximum of 2 or 4 players.

♦ The Classic - 2 Player Ludo Game

The match was fair and simple and took place between two players who played one by one according to the chance. The 2 Player Ludo Game involved the rule of whoever first landed at home won the game fair and square. The game required much time and eventually people got bored of it.

♦ The Classic - 4 Player Ludo Game

The feature involved traditional ways of playing the ludo game which required 4 members to play at a time. The one to finish and reach at home won the game in a simple manner. There is no doubt that people enjoyed playing in the same way till the time it got a little mundane as well. A single game duration was long enough and the restricted number of players was a setback in the game. When in the pandemic people wanted to stay connected with as many people as possible, 4 Player Ludo Game needed a new change to stop its users from losing interest.

The New Trends in Ludo Game

The older methods were not favorable to all and eventually there was a need for the upgradation in ways of playing to keep the players engaged and connected. Thus, here’s a list of new trends that Ludo adopted with time and got high popularity with time. Here’s what’s trending in the Ludo Game in 2022.

♦ 6 player ludo

The new feature currently updated includes 6 Player Ludo, which allows six people to play the game at a single time. This increased the craze and excitement amongst players and people actually enjoyed the thrill of playing simultaneously. The opportunity to engage with multiple players simultaneously keeps the players active and connected.

♦ 8 player ludo

The more, the merrier has come true to the gaming field. You can now play with your whole gang at a single time by using the 8 Player Ludo feature that is currently updated. This has expanded the whole user experience to a new level and more players can be kept engaged simultaneously. Apart from that, customers also enjoyed playing the game with their all-close people together which gradually has increased in overall number of users of the game.

♦ Voice chat

Voice Chat Feature in Ludo Game has changed the overall gaming experience of the players. A new way to interact and stay connected with other players through voice chat has opened a new way of playing the game digitally. Voice chat allows a real-life playing experience to the users increasing the fun of playing to a next level. You can now play and talk with your friends, family, or other people at the same time. Get some playing!!!

♦ Quick modes

The Quick Mode Feature in Ludo has raised a new level of engagement amongst players till now. The short matches allow the players to quickly finish the game and offer a variety of gaming options within itself. The quick mode often includes options like 1 vs 3, 2 Winner 4 Player, and 3 Winner 4 Player. All these game styles are short in time length so that players remain excited and eagerly engage in multiple games. Usual ludo game apps require 15 to 40 mins to end a match at a single time. This new feature will come in handy to the players with less amount of time on their hands.

Also, the limited chances keep the players high on adrenaline and people can now enjoy the game in their short breaks as well. Play your favorite Ludo Game from anywhere, with time duration on your hands.

♦ Timer modes

The new Timer Mode Feature of Ludo Game will allow players to quickly finish the game within a set deadline of time. The match starts with a fixed timer of 10-15 minutes which counts the total points of all the playing members accordingly. The player finishing up with the maximum number of points ends up winning the game. The new feature pushes its users to a next level of excitement and adrenaline twist which has upgraded the overall engagement of users. The set timer has eliminated the scope of boredom and long held games. Users can now enjoy multiple matches quickly without getting stuck and increase their points and score.

Best Ludo Game Developer

New technologies and innovations have always been the beating heart of the gaming industry and thus to keep up with the ever-changing trends and scenarios, we suggest you look for the Best Ludo Game Developer for yourself. Entrant Technologies offers you a fully-planned and well updated version of the Ludo Game Software which is fully equipped with the Present Trends of Ludo Game. The developers have continuously sought to harness the latest tech to push the boundaries when developing a perfect product for you.

Get yourself the best Ludo Game Development Company that first try to understand your requirements and accordingly create the most suitable product for you. Apart from that, they will be able to guide you with the current trends and features which helps you to take an informed decision. You can explore the different features one by one and accordingly select the best suited product for yourself.

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Everyone involved with Ludo is pretty much excited about the upcoming possibilities of change. So, now when you know all about the trends of Ludo in 2022, get yourself a developer that leaves the scope of upgradation both for today and future at the same time. Consult with the best Ludo Game Developer today.

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