Which one is the best online ludo game VS offline Ludo Board game
  Posted on 11 Oct, 2022
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Currently, the increasing popularity of mobile and computer games is due to the busy schedule of people, most people prefer to play games online. Ludo is currently considered one of the most-played online games by thousands of players. There are many reasons for this including the fact that Ludo is a fun way to pass the time. Entrant Technologies Pvt Ltd is one of the best ludo game developer in india that already provided many solutions for ludo game web & app development company. While Ludo is a straightforward and easy-to-play popular online board game but it still requires a proper strategy to play and skillful gameplay to win each and every game played. Ludo fulfills several criteria to be chosen as the favorite game by many, which certainly shows why it is so popular. In the past decade, the Ludo game was one of the most played and loved offline board games. Since ancient times, board games have always been a favorite pastime in every household.

Previously no get-together or house party would be complete without some board game challenges. Even though digitization has taken over the world, the interest and presence of Ludo games ensure that the essence of these games remains intact in the online versions. Still, the current version of Ludo is not the original Ludo game that originated in India because over the years, the developers have been making many changes to the game, trying to make it perfect. These games attract the attention and interest of everyone from kids to elders. While everyone is busy with their hectic and monotonous schedules, online versions of nostalgic board games are the go-to way for everyone to indulge in entertainment and pastime. Apart from this, these online board games also serve as a medium for improving both the mental and physical health of the players.

The online Ludo game has also dominated the gaming industry, with thousands of players trying to beat their opponents. Currently, there are many different online ludo games available in the google play store, each offering many different modes in the application. Various Ludo games give rewards to the players and help them to earn real money for their gaming skills. But this is not the only main reason why the ludo game is so famous in recent times. As the COVID-19 pandemic imposed strict restrictions and social distancing became the new norm, people started embracing the world of online gaming. During the pandemic, Ludo managed to bring more and more players to its app as they could stay at home and play these classic board games with their family and friends.

There is always a question in the mind of many people which one is the best online ludo game vs offline ludo board game? In this article, we can provide the difference between online and offline Ludo games so that you can find out the reasons which one is better and why.

Online Ludo Game vs Offline Board Game

Earlier, games like Ludo were often played offline because the thrill and experience we get in playing the game with our friends and family is immense. The world of online gaming Ludo development has brought relief to thousands of people trapped inside the walls of their homes during the Covid pandemic. This raises the question of which is better and would you prefer to play Ludo online or offline? There are many differences between playing the Ludo games offline and online such as players' availability to play the game. 

Player availability

In the offline ludo board game, If one wants to play Ludo on a physical board, at least one player must be physically available to start the game. Hence, there is a hindrance in not being able to play the game at your convenient time and place.

On the contrary, players don’t have to wait to play with friends or family while playing the online ludo game. Online ludo game offers to play with a computer or play with online multiplayer whenever someone wants and they should not wait for another physical player to play the game. Someone can play Ludo against the computer at their convenience in single-player mode or against random opponents available online in multiplayer mode. Some of the online Ludo Game platforms also offer to create a private room with the mode of your choice to play with family and friends. Apart from this, some Ludo apps also provide features like voice chat to talk with your friends while playing.

The Pace of the Game

The Offline Ludo game tends to last longer as the rules of the game are extensive, and it takes a relatively long time for each player to roll the dice and make a move. If you play the Ludo game on a mobile app, you will find that the games are fast-paced. Typically, players have to roll the dice within a limited time and make a move before the time runs out. And if players don't move their goti in that limited time the goti will move automatically. This speeds up the game because players can't take their sweet time to make a move. 

Dice Roll

In an online game, dice are rolled automatically within the game with a single touch of the dice. Nevertheless, the numbers that come after the dice roll are completely random, and players cannot cheat. But, in offline games/physical play, one player rolls the dice by hand. So, there is a possibility of tampering with numbers depending on the way a player rolls the dice. The dice rolls in the ludo game are better in the online version because there is no possibility of cheating.

Online Ludo

Playing ludo company games online has its advantages but you may not be able to process the transition from a physical board game to a virtual game initially, you will gradually get used to it. The high-end graphics used in the development of online ludo game provides users immense and thrilling experience. In addition, users also get a platform to connect with people from all over the world to play with them and this makes the experience of playing Ludo in the online version even more enriching.

Offline Ludo

No matter how interactive the online ludo game will be it will never beats the real experience of playing ludo. Since the game does not require high-end gadgets, the investment in playing Ludo is significantly reduced. Users can also live chat with people and build memorable bonds with each other. The feeling of playing a game, the taste of victory when you strike your opponent's piece, and the taste of victory when you sit together and play Ludo. But what if you can maintain these social interactions online and also allow you to play Ludo online with your friends? So if one of you is traveling but you don't want to miss the Ludo session together with your friends, you can head over to online ludo games and enjoy the match.

Online board games can be played between two to four players basically and six to eight players modes are also available on the various online ludo board game. The online Ludo game development has also been seriously addictive and reports have shown an extensive amount of 'gameplay time' on it. Considering the fact that so many people can relate to this game and it is an ideal time to attract people of all age groups and having the advantage of playing it directly on their mobile phones/tablets it is more It becomes a better process. The first step to playing online Ludo games is that users have to first download the board game ludo application. Then they have to create their profile in the game by registering on it and after that, they can start playing ludo games online.


Online board games are nothing short of a boon if used properly. Based on various points, we can say that online ludo games are best as compared to offline ludo board games. Ludo game development company Entrant Technologies Pvt Ltd provides the best solutions for ludo game development cost in india for their clients. Spending a few minutes or maybe an hour is enough to recharge yourself from stress. Playing ludo games online in moderation will make them both enjoyable and rewarding, without becoming an unhealthy obsession.

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