Why LUDO is the most Influential Board Game of All Time
  Posted on 05 Oct, 2022
  Game Development

Before the covid pandemic, many online games including Ludo were available for users to play. Even well-known games with millions of users were in competition against online ludo games. The popularity of the online board game Ludo increases significantly during the time of the pandemic. Even though it was a difficult time for everyone, the internet still connected families with one of the world's most famous board games. Among the competitors creating games with complexities and created simple board games. Ludo game developer in india created Board games that have greatly improved in popularity and for many people playing board games connects them to their childhood memories.

Whether it is to relieve fatigue or spend some quality time with loved ones, ludo development board games have always been at the center. Playing ludo board games online brings people closer, strengthens relationships, and can help you meet new people. Over time the online board ludo game set a benchmark for its rival and no one thought that online ludo would be as relevant as it is today. The growth of the board game Ludo industry over the past decade has been nothing less than extraordinary. As a ludo game online played by 2 or more players and playing this game is perfect to spend time with good company, as well as strengthen the bond with other people. We all enjoyed playing Ludo in our childhood, and it was one of the most favorite board games. Now all can play the Ludo game online from anywhere in the world and with friends from all over the world. There is no need to gather and sit in one place, you can play this fun online ludo company game even on the go.

There are many reasons Why Ludo is the most Influential Board Game of All Time which are given below.

Simple and Straight forward Gameplay

Although Ludo is one of the most exciting board games, it is quite straightforward and simple. Due to the simplicity of this board game the users do not have much understanding of how to play the Ludo game. If you are playing on the Ludo app online, you can even add more than 4 players and set the soothing background music of your choice. Ludo game does not require many calculations like other board games and it becomes even hassle-free. A player only needs to compete against others by rolling the dice and moving their gotis to the final destination to win the game. So it does not put pressure on any player as it is convenient to follow easy rules and people of all age groups can play the Ludo games together.

Improves bond with family and friends

Online Ludo improves strained relationships with family and brings back the original bond that has disappeared in this busy world. Users can play Ludo online games with their family every day after sitting for a while after dinner or whenever they get free time. Even if they live away from their family, they can play & relax together with the help of this great online board game Ludo. It is always good to play and interact with friends and family online Ludo board games. Almost everyone loves to spend quality time playing the Ludo games.

Childhood Nostalgia

If someone begins to explore the history of the board game Ludo, childhood nostalgia is the number one aspect that has kept Ludo development alive for generations. In the old days, there wasn't a wide range of indoor games that someone could play. Ludo dominated as a board game for a long time which leads to the emotional appeal of the game. During the pandemic, people started playing the Ludo game with friends and family most of the time as it gives them flashbacks of childhood. Even though families played it on their smartphone devices, the strong dynamic connection made a memorable impression on the users even after a long break. Kids enjoy it while playing a lot and it becomes a game that brings back nostalgia as an adult.

Contribute to brain development

Every parent wants the child to develop reasoning skills and boost their cognitive development as the Ludo games every step requires critical thinking and quick decision making, which helps in the development of children's brains. Building interactions while playing Ludo online also helps to overcome anxiety by helping us to connect with other people having fun. Countering other players' moves, strategizing to win, and dealing with the randomness of the dice all contribute to triggering their cognitive abilities. Especially when you are playing with known people (friends or family), you will be able to understand different people's attitudes towards the game.

Various Modes

Yet being one of the favorite family pass times, Ludo online is a widely played game even with strangers. In the online board game Ludo, there are various interesting modes that provide an amazing experience to the players. While it is true that the rules of the game are straightforward, Ludo can be highly competitive. The various modes of Ludo games do not let the users get indifferent towards the gameplay and the competitive nature keeps them playing more games continuously. When there is no limit to the level of players due to the freedom of location, users can play with anyone over the internet. It brings together the contestants of different interests which makes the game more exciting.

Roller Coaster of Emotions

Ludo game also teaches users to take losses in a sporting spirit and to improve their response to disappointments. Any game such as a ludo game development company that involves winning and losing can be an emotionally thrilling experience. Playing Ludo games also improves users' problem-solving skills as they have to deal with sudden damage or attack and find a way to win despite setbacks. It prompts us to think fast and solve problems effectively and quickly. Playing Ludo games online also motivates us to be the winner and it teaches us to be flexible in every situation. But with elements like strategic thinking, thrill factor, twist and turn, suspense, etc, Ludo wins over many other games.


Users can play ludo games online without any space limit and even if the family may live far away, playing this game together in virtual space can also be a good bonding process. Always try to strike a balance between offense and defense and this will not only help you get better at the game but will also give good brain stimulation to your opponents. The ludo game development will help everyone develop the necessary skills that this game brings to the table.

More than Just Game

Ludo board game has taken over the online gaming community, and after reading this article you know why. Users can choose different themes as per their visual preference and immerse themselves in one of the most exciting experiences of their life. A lot of people in India have grown up playing this game, especially kids born in the 90s.


If someone looking for a combination of thrill, drama, and mystery, they don't need to depend on anything as they can play the online board game Ludo for fun. The popularity of the Ludo game grows rapidly as people play this game more often during the time of pandemics which has a big impact on its widespread popularity across the world. Everyone knows that Ludo online game brings joy and laughter and there are many benefits of playing Ludo as it is the best way to relax after work or bond with the family on weekends. If someone has less time then they prefer to play a quick mode of Ludo game. Online Ludo came to the fore suddenly and saved millions of people from boredom during this pandemic. ludo game web & app development company Entrant Technologies Pvt Ltd provides the best solutions for Ludo games at one of the best ludo game development cost in india.

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