Android or iPhone: Which Should You Build Your Mobile App on First?
  Posted on 09 Apr, 2020
  Mobile Applications
Mobile applications are one such important and crucial step for a business in today’s world but when it comes to choosing only one platform out of these two platforms it becomes difficult to choose which one you should choose first for your business. Today we gonna figure out that as a mobile app development company which app you should choose first for the development business.


Android and iPhone both are massively popular OS platforms around the world. If we combine the total audience of these platforms the total outcome is more than it is more than 3 billion. Developing a mobile application is definitely a must to do the task. People come from various kind of background so their needs and expectations from a mobile application also vary. So providing a mobile application that suits or full fill their need is the key to success in this business.


If we take a look at the market of mobile phones of both these stylish mobile handsets, you should do the necessary research for market behavior and then you can start with the mobile application development work. As time passes, it very well may be seen that Android users are continuing to expand at a faster rate. We will find what is the topics you should consider before jumping in the domain of android app development or iPhone app development.


Many companies believe that building an android application is a better deal and on the other side, some companies believe that believe iPhone application development is better and more profitable. The reason behind this is maybe that putting resources into Android applications is more when contrasted with the ios applications.


If we compare the revenue part of these two platforms, clearly iPhone rules in that domain but there are some parts where android is superior to the iPhone in various departments. So again, in the questions comes in the mind that is


“what to focus first, Android app development or the iPhone application development?


Indeed, this should be only possible after completely understanding the people’s and client’s perspective, smartphone app advertises, income, user feedback, and audits of the applications created by an iPhone application development company and the Android application development company all things considered.


According to research done by Kantar Worldpanel Contech indicated that the deals of Android telephones improving and rising quicker than the iPhone by a substantial edge of 52.1% to 43.5%. In any case, whenever decided from the past Kantar examines, these numbers may be to a greater extent a freeze-edge of the dispute at one specific purpose of time that the everlasting reality.


Starting at now, Android impacts the piece of the overall industry when contrasted with the iphone advertise. Apple iPhone clients are sufficiently steadfast to Android clients, which implies that Apple clients select to remain with Apple than changing to another sort of working framework. 


Some of the factors that can help you to decide which platform to choose first: Android or the ios? 

1. If you decide on making the retail application: 
All things considered, on the off chance that you seek to make the retail application, at that point the iPhone consumers and clients are bound to make the buys on their phones when it is compared with Android users and clients. So the iPhone application developers must be knowledgeable about the advancements or the development knowledge of iPhone application development.

2. If you need to make the paid application or an application with in-app buys:
The extending intensity of Apple clients is a lot higher when contrasted with Android clients. This is the motivation behind why mobile application engineers keep their eyes stuck to making the ios applications first and afterward gear up for Android application development.

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3. If costing of mobile application development is the main concern:
All things considered, the expense of mobile application development is very comparative in both the cases, be it the Android section or the iPhone portion. In a couple of cases, the expense of structuring the application may be higher on account of the Android gadgets in view of the incredible number of gadgets you will be required to the configuration when contrasted with the Apple iPhone advertise.

So after discussing all these points, it can be said that both iPhone application and Android application development have some advantages as well as some disadvantages. With the growing number of smartphone users around the world, people continuously demanding new and unique applications with unique specifications. If you can provide the desired provide they want you can surely make a big mark for yourself in this domain or market.

If we talk about the android, it will help you to reach a much larger and broad audience but if you want to step in as an iPhone application development company, the audience is very loyal and ready to invest much larger amounts on the products so you make much more revenue in this domain.

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