Why You Should Choose Android as a Mobile App Development Platform
  Posted on 11 Apr, 2020
  Mobile Applications
Android has been the top most popular operating system since the launch of android in 2007. As of it now it is estimated that over 2 billion people around the world use various devices/gadgets that run on the Android operating system. This defiantly makes Android, most used OS. In the last 5-7 years, the number of smartphone users has increased with an exponential rate. Digital advancement has changed the world in such a way that each and every person wants to have a smartphone in hand all the time. 

Mobile applications have altered our lives in such a way that without them it is not even possible the do our daily usual tasks. That is the main reason why there are huge growth potential and opportunity for businesses in the android app development domain. The main aim of every company is to connect as many people and expand their business all around and this can happen only when you develop such application that completes the user intent 

There are many platforms available today that offer easy and simple development of mobile apps, for example, Android, Windows, and iOS, and so forth. Many organizations have a hard time choosing the development tool for developing a dedicated app for their company. 

Although Android stays all ahead in the race of mobile application development. Android easily covers 70% of all the mobile application markets around the world. Today companies are utilizing this platform to make mobile apps for people and that has increased their overall revenue impressively and brought immense growth in their business of mobile application development. 

Today we are going to discuss some factors that make the android a better choice for mobile app development: 

Android is famous for its capacity, speed, versatility, and execution of multiple tasks at a time, Android is a highly advanced and feature-packed platform that offers you the chance to create huge apps without working too much or figuring out each and every detail in everything. Here are a couple of significant points of interest in choosing the Android platform for your mobile app development. 

1. Low Investment and High ROI:  
The android platform provides an environment that supports a very simple approach to settle in the market with its Software Development Kit (SDK). It is offered free to the developers and programmers free of cost. The general development cost can be further divided into 3 primary stages Application Development, Testing, and App Deployment.   

For the final app distribution, a single time registration fee is asked by the platform and it is must be paid by the developers. Following that, they can utilize any PC or other system to build up the app and test it on their mobile phones. They can show the app before the customers or clients at any moment without a problem. Updating the android applications is also very easy to do a task while deciding the Android platform. 

2. Open Source:
One of the main reasons for android’s popularity among the developers is its open-source policy. The Software Development Kit (SDK) is open-source which implies that the app developers and designers can connect with the community of android app developers and it allows them to learn every bit about the new upcoming version of the android app development kits. 

The community members are not required to pay also for any licenses or royalties. This prompts the fast development of applications and assists with getting better open doors for app developers to earn more money.  

3. Simple App Approval Process: 
In the final stages of app development, all the android applications are uploaded to google play store. Google Play which has it’s a unique and easy way to app approval process without any weird policy. The app designers can read out all the policy points and join the platform without any restrictions. This procedure is uniform for both the new businesses and some established android app development company.   

4. Simple Integration: 
Android platforms offer simple customization of apps to suit the exact needs of your business. A company can reach out to more clients and customers by expanding total mobile apps and encourage their business. You can change and coordinate your mobile apps according to the requirements of your business. Android offers one of the best platforms for in an application and in-between process structures. 

5. Flexible UI:  
The user interface is the first impression of your mobile application to your clients and customers. It is properly said that a nice UI represents the moment of truth an app. Android offers adjustable and very flexible applications and designs that permit the developers to develop more interactive and applications with unique features. 

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Android accompanies a wide cluster of simple application customization choices that permit regular updating of the mixed media tools and information management functions to the app. This greatly adds to the achievement of android mobile apps. 

6. Offers Complete Security: 
At the point when the Android advertise was in an early stage, plenty of Android gadgets confronted the issues of equipment breaking down and hacking. Therefore, Google presented a location space format, an assurance procedure that makes sure about the working framework from infections. This explained all security issues and made the android platform exceptionally secure and reliable. 

Google has additionally begun the technique of sending normal warnings to clients to modify their mobile phone settings. With frequent changes in the password. Your personal information remains completely protected. 

7. Simple to Adopt: 
All android applications are scripted in Java language, and in this manner, all Java software engineers can create apps with negligible or very little effort. They just need to have some great programming skills in core Java and they can make a world-class Android application even from a ready-made android mobile application script. 

With an Android platform, you simply don't need to rely on a single application platform to launch your application. Android has some really great features that make it a number one choice for millions of developers around the world. As an android app development company, you can make such a mobile application that provides your clients and customers a very unique way to finish their tasks. Understanding the market’s needs is the key to success in this business.
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