Why You Should Hire a Mobile App Development Company Not a Freelancer
  Posted on 01 Jun, 2020
  Mobile Applications
App development resembles a group activity. A solitary decent player can't dominate a game. It's the joint exertion of the group that chooses winning or to lose. A comparable thing applies to mobile app development also. The application development process is certifiably not a one-man work. It requires various people with an alternate range of abilities and afterward an undertaking supervisor to lead them all. It includes an originator to begin with, developers to process it, and not only one developer. Contingent upon the decision of platform, the undertaking may require Android, iOS, and PHP developers. At that point, the app needs an analyzer and a marketing group to make a buzz before dispatch and keep the app in talks post-dispatch. A similar group is likewise required post-dispatch to keep up and update the app at a convenient interim.

All things considered, this answers the topic of for what reason to hire a mobile application development company and not a freelancer for your venture. It's a group activity and a decent company with a talented and committed group can make an effective app. There are a few different motivations to hire a company rather than a freelancer. Let me write down the advantages of employing a mobile app development organization.

Hiring a Company v/s Hiring a Freelancer

1) Pre-Screened Staff
  • Company: Companies have some standard techniques to follow while recruiting the group. They have some pre-characterized talk with the procedure to check the aptitude and information on each individual they hire. There are levels of the meeting to split before recruiting a worker. The company offers work just to those representatives who merit. They check training, experience, correspondence ability, and information before they bring anybody into the group. This implies in the event that you hire a company, your task is in safe hands.
  • Freelancer: All things considered, there is no screening procedure when you hire a freelancer. You need to do all the exploration without anyone else for each freelancer you hire. In the event that you have specialized information, at that point, you can talk with them and know whether they are sufficient or not. In the event that you are in fact feeble, you can be effortlessly tricked. Along these lines, settle on an educated decision.

2) Substitute Available
  • Company: This a significant point giving a high ground to a company contrasted with a freelancer. On the off chance that any of the colleagues are inaccessible at any second, there are substitute individuals accessible. The customer could never endure a deferral in work or correspondence defect when you hire a company. Anybody can fall debilitated or be inaccessible because of different reasons however the venture won't endure when there is a company. The project manager takes great consideration and allocates different fashioners or developers until further notice. The customer feels advantaged and dealt with. 
  • Freelancer: On account of a freelancer, a solitary individual is dealing with everything. On the off chance that individual falls wiped out or gets inaccessible, the undertaking endures misfortune. There is no substitute accessible. There will be a postponement in the cutoff time and the undertaking will be waiting until further notice. 

3) Multiple Work Done
  • Company: At the point when a company is building up an app, various things complete at the same time. At the point when the planner finishes a couple of screens, he sends them for development. At the point when the developer finishes one piece of the app, they send it over to the analyzer to discover the bugs. The analyzer begins the testing. Along these lines, three individuals and three procedures go on the app. Subsequently, it accelerates the procedure and makes the app effective and dexterous. 
  • Freelancer: On account of a freelancer, a solitary individual can't do all the undertakings on the double. The customer should hold up until the whole plan is finished to send it to the developer. Additionally, the analyzer needs to hold up until the development finishes. Likewise, remember the problem of recruiting every single one of them independently. Working with the freelancer will take additional time, exertion, and consideration too. 

4) Latest Technology and Tools
  • Company: A company has its workers prepared with the most recent instruments and technology. Top android application development company adjust to the new changes rapidly and without any problem. They likewise offer training to their workers on the best way to acknowledge, adjust, and pro new devices into their development procedure. Mobile apps will in general work better with the most recent technology on planned platforms. 
  • Freelancer: A freelancer probably won't be refreshed with all the most recent technologies and languages. They may likewise not have all the drifting apparatuses as some of them may be paid and freelancers would not put much in paid devices. They may dislike to update their range of abilities and stick to what they know. This probably won't be acceptable in the event that you need to make your app perfect with the most recent patterns. 

5) Expertise
  • Company: A company comprises of various employees with different knowledge and expertise. Thus a single app gets the expertise of multiple experts when a company develops it. There are multiple developers and all can share their view and expertise on the app. There is a team lead or project manager above to verify and improvise the work done before it goes to the clients.
  • Freelancer:? All things considered, a solitary individual can't know everything. Giving over your project to a freelancer method having constrained skill and information on the app. They have constrained experience in which they immerse their project.

6) Deadline
  • Company: A mobile app development company gives a clear cutoff time to its customers. Presently, they strive to focus on the cutoff time. They will devote their every necessary resource and time to convey the app on schedule. They break down the undertaking necessities toward the start and offer a course of events to finish the project. They remain by their timetable and complete the development so as to fulfill their customers. Additionally, due to the whole group, in the event of the inaccessibility of one part, others can supplant and finish the work. 
  • Freelancer: A freelancer may be working fulltime at an office and afterward doing your project in their free hours. Along these lines, he may work more slowly in view of the work over-burden. Likewise, there are higher odds of the work getting deferred. They for the most part don't adhere to their course of events and the arrangement of your app may get deferred. 

7) Fixed Contract
  • Company: The top mobile app design company has a fixed cost for the whole venture. They don't vary from their chose cost. This assurance is a great idea to have on the customer's part. The cost doesn't vacillate separated from a specific circumstance. On the off chance that there are any adjustments in the venture prerequisites and the customer needs anything extra, they will charge extra. Be that as it may, aside from that, the cost continues as before. 
  • Freelancer: On account of a freelancer, they don't have a fixed cost. Their cost varies depending on the kind of customers they manage. Additionally, they probably won't be working with the fixed cost on time. They take a shot at the every hour premise which may appear to be costlier for certain tasks. 

8) Project Manager
  • Company: App development is a drawn-out undertaking. Alongside a decent group of architects, developers, tester, advertisers, there is a requirement for a pioneer to oversee them all. In the mobile app design company, there is an undertaking director taking care of the considerable number of assignments, the whole group, and customers. They handle customer correspondence, appoint undertakings to the group, keep an eye on the advancement of the venture, and explain their inquiries. They ensure the undertaking finishes inside the course of events. Indeed, they only sort of keeping it together. 
  • Freelancer:? On account of a freelancer, it resembles a one-man doing everything. He is one speaking with the customer, the one working and he is the one passing judgment on his own work also. It may get confused to deal with front-end, back-end, communication, and development. There are higher odds of things getting failed. Shuffling up with different things by one individual prompts mistakes.. 

9) Quality Output?
  • Company: A mobile app design company maintains consistency in its output. They have their clients and have a reputation to live up to. They deliver out of the box services and output. You stay ensured to get the proper return of your invested money. A company has the better experience to do justice to the app of any category with any level of complexities with different features and functionality. This is why companies are easier to trust with a big project and a huge investment.
  • Freelancer:? A freelancer might charge less compared to top companies but they have limited knowledge. The output can sometimes be good or contrary at times. There is no guarantee of quality output. There is the flexibility to make changes in the final product but it would be time-consuming and need lots of effort.

10) Risk
  • Company:? The risk of engagement with a company is considerably less. They have a portfolio, an audit of the past customers, an office, and legitimate agreements to tie the customers and the company. The customer has security when they hire a company. The customers are not under steady dread of the company cheating or being wind up. They have the security of their cash paid. This implies the risk factor is very low. Additionally, top iPhone app development company ensures they give extreme customer fulfillment which guarantees the customer. 
  • Freelancer:? Risk is an impressive factor while recruiting a freelancer. Imagine a scenario in which he just quits accepting your call. Imagine a scenario in which your task is stuck in the hallway and doesn't finish in chose time. Consider the possibility that you made your payment and the freelancer just disappeared. There are a lot of what-uncertainties on account of a freelancer. Thus, the risk factor is high on the off chance that you hire a freelancer. 

11) Full-time Commitment
  • Company: A company has a lot of resources to allot to a solitary task. This gives full-time responsibility and spotlights on a project. A company deals with their task as their child and remain 100% focused on it. 
  • Freelancer: For freelancers, your task may be an additional gig and not their all-day work. The consideration and responsibility they provide for your task probably won't be 100%.
12) Post-Launch Support
  • Company: A mobile app development company doesn't end their activity with the arrival of the app in the play store. They deal with the app much after the dispatch. They keep up the app, roll out fundamental improvements, or roll the update. They take care of the app very carefully after development also. It is one of the significant advantages of hiring a company rather than a freelancer. 
  • Freelancer: On account of freelancers, they don't assume liability in the wake of conveying the app. They don't give post-dispatch support or deal with the app, their updates, upkeep, or any such things. 


1) How much does it cost to hire someone to build an app?
There is no fixed cost to fabricate an app. It changes relying upon whether you hire a company or a freelancer, what are the features, usefulness, course of events to send, and different components. 

2) How much do freelancers charge for an app?
Each freelancer has various charges depending on their experience, the technology they take a shot at, and their range of abilities. The charges may differ dependent on the sort of task, fixed cost model, or every hour model. 

3) How do I hire a freelance app developer?
There are different sites like freelancer where you can associate independent developers and complete your work. 

4) How to become a freelance mobile app developer?
Freelancer or not, to turn into a developer all you need is training and experience of the technology you pick. The correct range of abilities, opportune delivery, and quality yield are what get acceptable customers. 

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All things considered, we are not against independent individuals but rather there are advantages of hiring a company rather than a freelancer that we can't deny. Along these lines, on the off chance that you are thinking about building up your very own app, you realize whom to pick.
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