How to Hire the Best Web Developer in India?
  Posted on 02 Jul, 2020
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In this digital world, in the event that you need to develop your business, an online presence is an absolute necessity. What's more, it must be achieved through a captivating website, which gives an astounding customer experience as well as stands apart in the competition. In any case, web development requires a web developer. So dependent on your task prerequisite you can hire a website developer or web development company in India. Presently the question emerges what steps should be followed to hire the best web developer and build up an incredible website.

In this article, we will talk about the focuses that should be considered before recruiting a talented web developer and a web development company in India. 

Let’s start with it!

Define Your Project and Scope of Work

Before hiring a website developer, it is essential to realize your project size and objectives. Since it brings clarity and lets you choose which web developers will be most appropriate for your task. 

So have a look at different types of web development projects

  • Simple web project: A web development project which requires the development of a basic website or integration of some new features to the current one falls in this classification. In wake of integration of additional features, one can request a contact form, a subscription button, a CTA button, another layout plan, and significantly more.
  • Medium web projects: Several types of projects fall in this category. It could be the development of static and dynamic web apps, online stores, and others that require third-party integration similar to APIs, chatbots, databases, CRM, CMS, and others. 
  • Large-scale projects: as the name refers, these activities require sophisticated technologies and tremendous databases (cloud web hosting services) to store information of a considerable number of clients. The development of a video sharing social media app or social systems is a piece of the huge scope project category.

Other than this, there could be other projects based on these following three cases.

  • Build a project without any preparation. For this situation, customers who are eager to hire a website developer could be existing businesses or star-ups. The current businesses could search for automation of some business processes, either adopting in-house or a committed web development group. While the reason behind picking a web development team from new companies might be the excitement to enter their specialty at the earliest opportunity without sitting around idly and money. 
  • Searching for expansion of your in-house group with the integration of an additional master for the ongoing project. You can satisfy this requirement by employing a free web developer, or outsourcing a developer from a web development office for a specific time. 
  • Contemplating over utilizing another technology of which no one has an understanding of taking a shot at it inside your in-house dev group. In such a situation, it is possible that you would trust that the developers will gain proficiency with the technology or go for recruiting a web developer from an outsourcing agency who has hands-on said technology.

Choose for Web Developer According to Your Project Need

In the web development segment, there are three kinds of developers accessible in the market. Back-end, front-end, and full-stack developers. Let’s start with 

1) Back-end Developers

The developers who handle the working of the website through website structure, behind the front-end are known as Back-end developers. They help in improving the speed of the website, resolve specialized issues, and perform outsider services integration obligations into web design. Back-end developers for the most part use technologies like PHP, Java, Python, and Ruby while they want to pick databases from SQL-MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB, and others. 

2) Front-end Developers

Front-end developers make the UI of the website where clients interface with your business. You can hire a front-end developer for tasks like resuscitating the plan or layout of the website. In any case, you should comprehend the distinction between a front-end developer and website designer. The website specialist's work is focused on the client experience. They make the website layout, shading plan, and other visual components for offering stunning client experience. Though, the front end developers offer functionality to the website utilizing technologies PHP, ASP.NET, Angular8, React.JS, Vue, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and others. 

3) Full-stack Developer

Full-stack developers are those people who have an understanding of dealing with both the platforms, the front-end, and the back-end of the website. This quality of these people makes them exceptionally best among new business companies. Since they have restricted resources and picking separate developers costs heavier when contrasted with hiring a solitary full stack developer. 

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After an away from developers here, it's an ideal opportunity to pick the correct developer as indicated by your project. 

Where to Find Skilled Web Developers?

These days, it is simpler to locate the best developers as indicated by your web project requirements. On account of a few online platforms accessible in the market which lets you hire a web developer or a web development group in like manner. On the off chance that you are searching for a web development company in India, you can filter look through dependent on specific requirements like project size, financial plan, and timeframe. Here we have made a rundown of a couple of famous platforms you can experience to locate the most ideal option. 

To hire a freelance web developer, you can visit the following websites

  • Upwork: Upwork is one of the most well-known activity commercial centers where you can discover independent web developers for your work project. A gathering of two Greek business visionaries established it in 2003 and inside 10 years it recorded a mind-blowing figure of around 3 million freelancers and 54000 customers over the globe. It charges 20% from the primary bill of $500 and 10% of the rest of the task toward its finish. Clients can exploit features and offices like time tracking, milestone payment. 
  • Freelancer: One can utilize this platform too to locate a remote web developer. Freelancer appeared in 2009 and from that point forward the brand has obtained eight freelance marketplaces. Here clients can exploit a component constrained free membership other than different paid participation options. Like Upwork, it charges 10% as a commission fee. The element list here consists of online chat, automated payment per accomplished milestone, and others. 
  • Toptal: Toptal is a dedicated platform to serve only the best architects and developers over the world. Since it performs a thorough testing process which makes it possible only for the top 3% designers and developers to apply for positions. Companies like Airbnb and J.P. Morgan utilizes this platform as their recruitment tool. 
  • We Work Remotely: A task of 37Signals, We Work Remotely was exceptionally established to offer remote work positions for capable people over the globe. However, the testing procedure isn't that complex like Toptal however it pulls in incredible ability. Significantly one will discover up-and-comers here from the technical background, so it is one the best place to find web developers. 
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a professional systems networking site where professionals can keep up their connections, collect recommendations, and offer their work history with different organizations. Along with it, the platform makes it possible to reach out to potential developers looking over their resumes and portfolios. 

These are a couple of platforms to hire a web development company in India, visiting the following websites is an absolute necessity.

  • Clutch: Clutch is a B2B platform that opportune discharges positioning list of companies dependent on various boundaries like exploration, reviews, rating, and others. Here you can discover a perfect partner for your web development project concerning strong and weak points of the company. 
  • SoftwareWorld: Like Clutch, SoftwareWorld is additionally a survey website that rolls the posting of highest level developers considering audits and the location of the customers. In addition to this, you can use the posting of prestigious web development companies with their expertise in a specific area. 
  • Tech Blogs: The blog entries like you are reading now, which offer technical information, helpful hints identified with web development, likewise give a platform to hire a web development company. On the off chance that you discover their websites, pertinent and helpful don't spare a moment to contact them for your next web development project. 

What Qualities Should a Skilled Developer Possess?

Here we are mentioning a couple of characteristics that guarantee the validity of a talented developer: 

1) Creativity

A talented developer should be innovative enough to discover more than one solution to an issue. One of the most significant characteristics to search for before hiring a web developer. Since programming offers various approaches to connect with your ultimate objective. Other than finding or creating solutions for the occurred issues so the website can perform consistently. The web developer should know what game-plan will be appropriate to take care of the problem. 

2) Detail-oriented

Programmers must give sharp consideration to the subtleties of a task on the off chance that they are delivered the best item. 

It is seen that the individuals who only have a big picture in their mind end up neglecting small bugs or issues. On the other hand, the programmers who pay on everything about, on all task segments and their implementation, improves the general client experience of the website. 

3) Collaboration Skills

It is one of the attributes of a skilled developer that should be in your first concern list. Regardless of whether you are hiring a web developer or a web development company for your business or project. 

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At last, they will work together with you and your different groups in like manner writing, marketing, support, and so on to work on the project. Additionally, there is a likelihood that your project will develop in the coming future and need more than one web developer to satisfy your requirements. That is the place the collaboration skills play a vital role in the field of web development.

4) Passion and Curiosity

There could be various reasons behind a person turning into a web developer. Be that as it may, the most significant and crucial characteristic that rouses the person to pick the area is passion and interest. 

The web development that is a unique world consistently has an open door for the individuals who are quick to investigate and gain some new useful knowledge. Their interest and passion lead them towards improving and refreshing their skill sets.

Important Things to Keep in Mind While Hiring Fully Remote Developers

1) Completely remote developers
Completely remote developers are the individuals who chip away at their schedule and from any location. Before hiring them you have to consider a couple of a greater number of things other than the previously mentioned characteristics of a web developer. 

Since working remotely is totally not quite the same as working inside a company office. So the characteristics and attributes of a good remote developer will likewise contrast from an in-house developer. 

2) In-house developers
In-house developers work the situation being what it is the place they are encircled by different representatives and have leaders or executives. Who opportune looks at their work and motivates them to achieve their set objectives through gatherings and casual conversations for the duration of the day. 

On the other hand, web developers who work remotely stay in the lonely and monotonous environment that ends up being mentally draining for them. They are required to have the accompanying attributes in first concern over the general characteristics of in-house developers. With the goal that they can work effectively and keep up profitability to convey top-notch work regularly. 

3) Self-motivated

Web developers who work remotely should act self-motivated since they need to work for quite a long time with no outside motivation. The advantage in-house developers appreciate the nearness of representatives in their environmental factors other than the pioneer or administrators who deal with the work progress towards set objectives. Self-motivation will let them work effectively and convey great work inside the given deadline. 

4) Self-critical

The remote developers should be constructively self-basic with the goal that they can deliver top-notch work inevitably. Since without a manager and founder who stays responsible to impact and condemn crafted by in-house developers. There are high possibilities, remote developers may wind up performing insufficient work. 

5) Initiatives

Activities are basic in development work whether performed remotely or in-house. On account of remote developers, they should have the activity capacity. Since with in-house development, they generally have a chief or group pioneer who continues provoking and urging their developers to search out and address issues. 

These are the characteristics that a remote developer has in the bounty as well as has created and demonstrated all through its career. 

What is Web Development Cost?

It is difficult to evaluate the spending plan of a web venture since it includes a few factors that should be considered. In like manner speed, nature of code, the extent of work, and others. 

Generally, a brilliant principle of picking two out of speed, quality, the modest cost is exceptionally well known and utilized for the most part in outsourced projects. It applies to web development company also. 

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Other than this, planning a web project can likewise be evaluated by knowing precisely what you will get at a set cost, or you can ask your developers to assess hours to finish the project in the event that they charge on an hourly basis. 

However, it isn't that simple for the greater part of the developers to give you an accurate hours gauge toward the start of the task because of the manner in which the development works. Rather, you can contact developers at each phase of the project to realize they are on schedule or require more hours to finish the project. 

Likewise, the aptitudes and programming languages you will embrace impact the cost of the project along with the developers' location. 

So on the off chance that you are on a limited spending plan and don't have any desire to surpass the cost of your project, it is smarter to go with a set price. However, it is a bitter truth that only one out of every odd developer likes to work along these lines yet being clear just from the beginning will help you over the long run. 

Opt for Hiring Model

There are three sorts of famous working models you can browse as per your project requirements. 

1) The Project-based Model

The model is significantly chosen by the new companies or entrenched businesses that need to finish a little web development project. The extent of work and timeframes for various stages are predefined in this working model. While the web development team handles the project the executives and the decision of technological solutions here. At last, the web development group stays responsible for all exercises in this business model. 

2) A Dedicated Team Business Model

The model works better on the off chance that you need to actualize complex functions to your website without wasting time and money on hiring in house pros. Similarly, the integration of cloud stockpiling, or AI Chatbot development. In this business model, it is possible that you can control the project guide or handover the responsibilities to your dedicated web development team. Here, the gathering which handles the task the executive's procedure stays responsible for the accomplishment of the project. In the event that the PM is from the customer side, they will handle the development team. 

3) Out Staff or Extended Team Model

The business model is most appropriate on the off chance that you are wanting to take a shot at a major project without exceeding your budget. In any case, you will be required to have an in-house CTO and project manager to handle responsibilities like allotting errands to the all-encompassing group, monitoring progress the executives, and driving web developers on the technical front. This working model gives customers all the responsibilities, validation, and control. 

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4) Select a Payment Model

In the wake of choosing you to need to work with a single web developer or web development group, you will be required to make payment for these individuals every month like regular workers. Regardless of whether you decided on the out staff or dedicated team working models. In any case, on account of a project-based working model, you have a choice of selecting between the following payment models.

5) Fixed Price Paying Model

On the off chance that you are taking a shot at a little web project with an away from of work and time frame, this payment model is the best-suited option. 

6) Time and Material (Pay as You Go) Paying Model

You can pick this payment model on the off chance that you are chipping away at a little, medium, or huge scope project however it is difficult to gauge the extent of work and time span for the project. This model permits you to make payments to every developer on an hourly rate considering the total time spent on development.

Final Words

In the development sector, there are various freelance web developers and web development companies accessible in the market. It is difficult to pick the best as indicated by your project requirements. Now and then you need to roll out minor improvements, including new features and functionalities. On the other hand, you may have the requirement of developing a website entirely from scratch. In such different conditions, it got hard to pick the correct option for most of the businesses which don't have any technical knowledge identified with web development. To get them out, this article demonstrates a couple of significant advances, tailing them will give you profound comprehension of your project requirement. What's more, you can without much of a stretch choose to hire a web developer or a web development company in India appropriately. Expectation this article will help in clearing your questions and give you the correct way to hire the best web developer in India.

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